102 Things To Do in Myrtle Beach

The "Fun-official" guide to Myrtle Beach attractions, activities & more!

If you want to know where to go and what to do while you're on vacation this year, we've got you covered! Our team has compiled the best list of things to do in Myrtle Beach using tips and suggestions from visitors, Facebook fans and local experts. What we've come up with is a one-of-a-kind guide to Myrtle Beach attractions, shows, restaurants and much more. 

Whether you're looking for an outdoor adventure, a thrilling ride or just want to shop 'til you drop, we have plenty of fun in store for you. See the guide below for information on all the best attractions in Myrtle Beach and make the most out of your next vacation!

Whether you're looking for an outdoor adventure, the best place to eat or just want to shop 'til you drop, the Myrtle Beach area has plenty of fun in store for you. Check out the guide below for information on all the area's best attractions and make the most out of your next vacation!

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The Beach

01. The Beach

Ahh, the Grand Strand. So named by a newspaperman of the 1940s, the name has stuck, and…

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02. Parasailing

“Fly through the air with the greatest of ease!” Myrtle Beach parasailing captains have…

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Fishing Charters

03. Fishing Charters

The big blue Atlantic Ocean is more than just a play land for millions of visitors each…

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04. Surfing

“Let’s go surfing now, everybody’s learning how!” Once mostly a West Coast thing,…

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Jet Ski Rentals

05. Jet Ski Rentals

Since the first Jet Skis rolled off the assembly lines in late 1960s and into America’s…

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06. Kayaking

With a sturdy, unsinkable Kayak you have the choice to experience the wildlife and…

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07. Go-Karts

Take a break from the water and test your need for speed on land at a fun go-kart…

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Fishing at the Piers

08. Fishing at the Piers

Most travelers know that the Grand Strand is one of the most popular vacation…

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Playing at the Piers

09. Playing at the Piers

Aside from the world-class views and recreational fishing, the many Myrtle Beach piers…

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Boat Cruises

10. Boat Cruises

With the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Intracoastal Waterway to the west, the…

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Exploring State Parks

11. Exploring State Parks

Some Myrtle Beach visitors — and even many locals — never make it to our two State…

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12. Camping

Ahh, the great outdoors. Don’t let your daytrips to the beach and a little mini golf be…

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Laser Tag

13. Laser Tag

Almost every kid has played Capture the Flag at some point in their lives. The game is a…

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Scooter & Motorcycle Rentals

14. Scooter & Motorcycle Rentals

Be the leader of your own pack when visiting Myrtle Beach by renting a Scooter, Moped or…

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Segway and Bike Rentals

15. Segway and Bike Rentals

If Paul Blart, Mall Cop, can master a Segway, then so can you! Or how about a bicycle? …

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16. Bowling

A classic diversion for both young and old, bowling has long been part of American…

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17. Skating

For generations, skating of all sorts has been a popular youth pastime around the world,…

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18. Golf

The modern day game of golf has its origins in 15th century Scotland. A game of both…

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Miniature Golf

19. Miniature Golf

Miniature Golf has a long-standing tradition as an important part of a Myrtle Beach…

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Par 3 Golf

20. Par 3 Golf

As one of the largest golf markets in the world, Myrtle Beach and its nearby beach…

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Helicopter Rides

21. Helicopter Rides

“Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!”…no it’s actually one of the Myrtle…

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Auto Racing

22. Auto Racing

The thrill of victory as the checkered flag waves is auto racing’s finest moment. NASCAR,…

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Guided Tours

23. Guided Tours

The Grand Strand is more than just a popular vacation destination full of resorts and…

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Horseback Riding

24. Horseback Riding

Once a necessity for travel, horseback riding is now done mostly just for the sheer…

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Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

25. Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Few oceanfront sights are as well loved as a Boardwalk teaming with families, cotton…

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26. Gardens

Amid all the hustle and bustle of the Grand Strand, there are a few places where you can…

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Parks & Playgrounds

27. Parks & Playgrounds

In addition to our two wonderful State Parks, the Grand Strand is loaded with city parks…

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Zoos & Wildlife Attractions

28. Zoos & Wildlife Attractions

Ligers and tigers and alligators (and elephants), oh my! You might spend your entire…

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29. Arcades

As old as seaside vacations themselves, arcades, originally called “penny arcades,” have…

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Haunted Houses & Attractions

30. Haunted Houses & Attractions

Who doesn’t like a little spooktacular scare once in a while? Vacationers to the Grand…

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Mirror Mazes

31. Mirror Mazes

At times you’ll wonder if you’ll ever again see the light of day. Mirror mazes date back…

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Educational Attractions for Kids

32. Educational Attractions for Kids

A trip to Myrtle Beach needn’t only be about the sunshine, the beach, the amusement park…

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33. Pirates

The allure of pirate life seems to have something to do with the activities involved, and…

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Zip Lines

34. Zip Lines

There are a lot of beautiful sights to see in Myrtle Beach, and a lot of different ways…

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Roller Coasters

35. Roller Coasters

If there's a reason that roller coasters are such an integral part of beach vacations,…

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Thrill Rides

36. Thrill Rides

The handful of thrill rides around the Grand Strand are not for the faint of heart, or…

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Myrtle Beach SkyWheel

37. Myrtle Beach SkyWheel

This 187-foot Ferris Wheel made its debut in Myrtle Beach in 2011, immediately lighting…

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Water Parks

38. Water Parks

The ultimate Myrtle Beach water attraction is the Atlantic Ocean, obviously. But…

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39. Farms

The landscape here is pretty well developed near the coast - hotels, restaurants, houses,…

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Halls of Fame

40. Halls of Fame

Myrtle Beach is home to four different Halls of Fame, celebrating everyone from the…

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Art Museums & Galleries

41. Art Museums & Galleries

In addition to being a picturesque seaside destination, Myrtle Beach is also home to…

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Historical Sites & Plantations

42. Historical Sites & Plantations

Located just south of the Grand Strand, South Carolina's Lowcountry is one of the most…

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Community Museums

43. Community Museums

Home to some of the oldest settlements in the area, the Grand Strand is a place that is…

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Unique Museums

44. Unique Museums

Aside from the historical museums in the area, Myrtle Beach is also home to several…

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Veterans Monuments

45. Veterans Monuments

America's veterans have played a crucial role in our nation's ongoing quest for freedom,…

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Variety Shows

46. Variety Shows

There are numerous shows to see while you're on vacation in Myrtle Beach, and these…

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Tribute Shows

47. Tribute Shows

Maybe you missed seeing your favorite artist while they were in their prime, or maybe you…

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Dinner Shows

48. Dinner Shows

There's something about the combination of food and entertainment that just seems right —…

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Comedy Clubs & Shows

49. Comedy Clubs & Shows

Stand-up comedy is funny on television, but being there is a completely different…

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Movie Theaters

50. Movie Theaters

Whether you're looking for great rainy day activities in Myrtle Beach, or just need to…

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Fireworks Shows

51. Fireworks Shows

Despite several fireworks shops in Myrtle Beach, these popular party favors are…

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Escape Rooms

52. Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms are the newest sensation in Myrtle Beach, and several of them have popped up…

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Community Theaters

53. Community Theaters

If you enjoy live theater, your Myrtle Beach vacation is a great time to take in the…

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Beachfront Bars

54. Beachfront Bars

The Grand Strand's main attraction is the beach, and many vacationers also come for the…

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Brewpubs & Craft Brew Bars

55. Brewpubs & Craft Brew Bars

Craft beer has become a pretty big deal, and rightly so — it's fun to enjoy different…

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Karaoke Bars

56. Karaoke Bars

Whether you’re a singer or spectator, Myrtle Beach karaoke bars off a great way to let…

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Live Music Venues

57. Live Music Venues

Who doesn't like a good concert? Lucky for everyone who does, there are wide variety of…

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Dance Clubs

58. Dance Clubs

Lots of visitors come to Myrtle Beach to party, and an integral ingredient for any…

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Shag Clubs & Beach Clubs

59. Shag Clubs & Beach Clubs

The Carolina Shag dance (or just The Shag) came to prominence along the Grand Strand in…

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Sports Bars

60. Sports Bars

If you're a sports fan, chances are you'll want to check out one of Myrtle Beach's…

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The Market Common

61. The Market Common

If you’re looking for a more upscale experience in Myrtle Beach away from the tourist…

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Barefoot Landing

62. Barefoot Landing

Barefoot Landing is a huge shopping, dining and entertainment complex located in North…

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Broadway at the Beach

63. Broadway at the Beach

A hotspot among Myrtle Beach visitors, Broadway at the Beach offers a mix of shopping,…

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Hammock Shops Village

64. Hammock Shops Village

The Hammock Shop Villages of Pawleys Island offer a unique shopping and dining experience…

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Myrtle Beach Malls

65. Myrtle Beach Malls

If you’re looking for a familiar shopping experience, check out one of the Myrtle…

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Outlet Malls

66. Outlet Malls

Bargain shoppers are always on the prowl for the next big deal. They need to look no…

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Downtown Conway

67. Downtown Conway

Just miles away from the beach is a whole different world in the historic city of Conway.…

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Historic Georgetown

68. Historic Georgetown

The third-oldest city in South Carolina, Georgetown offers a glimpse of the state’s…

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Flea Markets

69. Flea Markets

Bargain hunters and collectors know that there are treasures to be found at flea markets.…

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Gift Shops

70. Gift Shops

The beach is such a happy place, you’ll want to take a piece home to share. Area shops…

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Candy Shops

71. Candy Shops

Sometimes life at the beach just isn’t sweet enough — you need a sugar kick that can only…

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Beachwear Stores

72. Beachwear Stores

The sun and sand are free, but you need some supplies before you hit the beach. The beach…

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Golf Stores

73. Golf Stores

Known as the Golf Capital of the U.S., Myrtle Beach is home to more than 100 golf…

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Farmer’s Markets

74. Farmer’s Markets

Nothing beats fresh when it comes to produce at the beach. During the warmer months when…

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Tattoos & Piercings

75. Tattoos & Piercings

Gift shops are great, but maybe you’re looking for a more permanent memento of your trip…

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Seafood Restaurants

76. Seafood Restaurants

Dining out is one of the great joys of vacationing, and dining out in an ever-changing…

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Theme Restaurants

77. Theme Restaurants

It may have all started in the early 1970s with a small, humble rock ‘n’ roll themed café…

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Murrells Inlet MarshWalk

78. Murrells Inlet MarshWalk

What began some two decades ago as a dream for a simple creek-side boardwalk in the…

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Ice Cream Shops

79. Ice Cream Shops

Who screams? You scream! We all scream for Ice Cream! This delightful and tasty frozen…

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Mexican Restaurants

80. Mexican Restaurants

America’s long love affair with Mexican food is only growing sweeter with each passing…

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Pizza Places

81. Pizza Places

Maybe the perfect food, pizza pleases all, young and old, day and night, and in any…

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Barbecue Joints

82. Barbecue Joints

Wars have been started over less controversial subjects than which region of the U.S. has…

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Breakfast Restaurants

83. Breakfast Restaurants

Many vacationers and visitors like to get out of their rooms and start their days early…

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Wine Bars & Wineries

84. Wine Bars & Wineries

First came the Earth, sky and oceans. Then came grapes, and then came wine; one of…

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Waterfront Dining

85. Waterfront Dining

Enjoying a meal at a restaurant with a waterfront view is one of the great joys of…

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Fine Dining Restaurants

86. Fine Dining Restaurants

Sure, burgers, pizza, and fried seafood are the staples of any seaside vacation…

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Dinner Cruises

87. Dinner Cruises

Waterfront dining, Oceanside or along the Intracoastal Waterway, can be a wonderful way…

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Sushi Restaurants

88. Sushi Restaurants

Sushi, an ancient Japanese style of preparing seafood, usually with rice and paper-thin…

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89. Steakhouses

We do love our meat & potatoes in the U.S., and though eating fine steaks out on the town…

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Italian Restaurants

90. Italian Restaurants

For a taste of great Italian food in Myrtle Beach, you'll find so many excellent choices,…

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Burger & American Restaurants

91. Burger & American Restaurants

How can you go wrong with the classic? The “burger,” shortened from “hamburger” decades…

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Sporting Events

92. Sporting Events

Among the sports being played on the Grand Strand, there's minor league baseball,…

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Food Festivals

93. Food Festivals

By now, the word is out that our area is home to a massive amount of Myrtle Beach…

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Car Shows

94. Car Shows

Myrtle Beach has a rich history of hosting automotive events, from the gatherings at…

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95. Parades

Who doesn't like a good parade? Think about it, what's not to like? When the time to…

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Concert Series & Music Events

96. Concert Series & Music Events

If you're a fan of live music, Myrtle Beach has you covered. In addition to the numerous…

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97. Festivals

It turns out that there's a lot to celebrate around here — local staple foods, small…

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Motorcycle Rallies & Events

98. Motorcycle Rallies & Events

Some of the biggest events we have revolve around the gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts…

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Races & Running Events

99. Races & Running Events

Myrtle Beach continues to grow as a destination for runners and races of all kinds.…

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Movies & Film Series Events

100. Movies & Film Series Events

After relaxing on the beach, splashing around in the pool, and hanging out in the hotel,…

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Holiday Events

101. Holiday Events

Myrtle Beach is as good of a place as any to celebrate the holiday season. Aside from…

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Golf Tournaments

102. Golf Tournaments

As the "Golf Capital of the World," and home to 100 or so courses, it's only fitting that…

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