91. Burger & American Restaurants

How can you go wrong with the classic? The “burger,” shortened from “hamburger” decades ago, is a handheld meal loved by billions of people around the world. Originally just a way to grind together tougher cuts and scraps of beef, the burger has matured and taken on iconic and permanent status as “America’s favorite meal.” When properly prepared a burger can be as delicious as any fine dining meal served anywhere. Cooked to order, a fat juicy burger, made with high-quality beef on a fresh bun, easily satisfies any carnivore’s meat tooth. Add on a wide choice of extras such as bacon, cheese, onion, mushrooms, tomato, or nearly anything you might desire, and the fin burger becomes an hand-crafted original that satisfies without breaking the bank. You’ll have no problem finding great burgers in Myrtle Beach. From inexpensive classic, thin, diner-style, to fat, gourmet masterpieces, they’re all waiting for you to discover and devour.