Myrtle Beach, S.C.

91. Burger & American Restaurants

Burger & American Restaurants

How can you go wrong with the classic? The “burger,” shortened from “hamburger” decades ago, is a handheld meal loved by billions of people around the world. Originally just a way to grind together tougher cuts and scraps of beef, the burger has matured and taken on iconic and permanent status as “America’s favorite meal.” When properly prepared a burger can be as delicious as any fine dining meal served anywhere. Cooked to order, a fat juicy burger, made with high-quality beef on a fresh bun, easily satisfies any carnivore’s meat tooth. Add on a wide choice of extras such as bacon, cheese, onion, mushrooms, tomato, or nearly anything you might desire, and the fin burger becomes an hand-crafted original that satisfies without breaking the bank. You’ll have no problem finding great burgers in Myrtle Beach. From inexpensive classic, thin, diner-style, to fat, gourmet masterpieces, they’re all waiting for you to discover and devour.

Dave & Buster’s

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Dave & Buster’s is the ultimate entertainment destination at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach! Dave & Buster’s offers an impressive selection of  food and drinks, combined with the latest games and attractions. Guests can watch sporting events in D&B Sports and play state-of

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If there’s one thing BurgerFi is known for, it’s (you guessed it) burgers! Located in Surfside Beach, BurgerFi has become a favorite along the Grand Strand, as well as across the United States.

BurgerFi is all about burgers, but they’re also all about helping the environment. They pr

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River City Cafe

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Regularly voted best burger on the beach,” the many ultra-casual, rustic, River City Café restaurants serve up burgers any way you like them, or pick from one their tried and tested varieties: the classic House Cheeseburger, or the California Burger with mozzarella, pepperoni and marinara sauce, the Black & Blue Burger, the Three Alarm Fire Burger smothered in hot sauce, jalapenos and pepper jack cheese, or any one of more than two dozen creative choices.

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Charlie Graingers

If you love hot dogs, then you will enjoy the gourmet hot dog selection at Charlie Graingers in Myrtle Beach. This small chain of casual eateries boasts simple yet delightful cuisine that is gaining the attention of foodies, thus resulting in more and more pending locations to come to the Grand S

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ART Burger Sushi Bar

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Unless you’re a certain type of college student, burgers and sushi probably sounds like an odd combination. But don’t take the name so literally – one or the other is perfectly acceptable. In fact, for couples or groups with divergent tastes, it’s nice to have the option between the two.

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Burky’s Grill

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Serving up a classic grilled burger, Burky’s is an old-fashioned burger joint straight out of American Graffiti. Where else are you going to find fresh, double burger combos (drink and fries included) for $6? Sure they have Cincinnati Chili (made with spaghetti, cheese and onions), hot dogs, corn dogs, soups and salads, and even veggie burgers, but Burky’s in known for its classic. Taste good ol’ fashioned Americana in every bite.

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Peaches Corner

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At the corner of Ninth Avenue North and Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, Peaches Corner is not just a classic breakfast, lunch and dinner counter, it’s a historic destination. Since 1937, Peaches Corner’s cooks have been flipping burgers and hotdogs for literally millions of vacationers and locals alike. Ask for your burger and milkshake prepared any way you like, or try a Peaches classic, such as the Frankenburger topped with chili, cheese, and a butterflied hot dog.

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Five Guys Burgers and Fries

The award-winning Five Guys restaurants have grown since 1986 to more than 1,000 locations covering most of the U.S. The hot dogs and few sandwich options play second fiddle to the wide variety of burgers. The hand-cut french fries, cooked in 100-percent peanut oil, are so popular they come with their own pedigree, posted on the wall. Focusing on a few items done well, Five Guys has raised the bar for burgers and fries.

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Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries

The 50’s were a time of relative prosperity and tranquility in America. It was a decade in-between major conflicts, the economy was fertile, and everyone in town knew everyone else’s name. So it’s easy to see why the dining style from that era lives on in eateries around the country.

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Bummz Beach Cafe

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This oceanfront beach bar and grill has more going for it than just location, but you can’t be the view from the back porch or the pane-glass windows overlooking the Atlantic. This place was built with good times in mind, and Bummz delivers with nightly live music on the patio deck during t

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Ron Jon’s Beer and Burgers

Ron Jon’s Beer and Burgers is a small, bar-style restaurant that’s been a local favorite since 2003. They have a full-bar, live music, and a fair-sized menu. Serving pizza, burgers, wings, sandwiches and more Ron Jon’s is open daily from 11:00 am until 2:00 am.

Ron Jon’s Food


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Tin Roof

Tin Roof is about giving musicians a place to play and and a place to hang when they aren’t onstage. The tasty food, fun, eclectic environment, community of Regulars, and friendly Crew have established the Roof as the place to be for musicians and non-musicans alike. Over the years, our sta

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