89. Steakhouses

We do love our meat & potatoes in the U.S., and though eating fine steaks out on the town is a regular occurrence for many, and an occasional treat for others, no one wants to be disappointed, especially while on vacation. Choosing the right Myrtle Beach steakhouse can make or break a vacation experience. The aroma of beef wafting through the restaurant sets the mood for the meal, while anticipation of the first bite grows with each passing minute. With a wide variety of grades from choice to prime, along with a dozen cuts and styles of preparations, steak is not just simply “steak.” Most of the steakhouses in Myrtle Beach from budget-friendly to fine dining offer the full range of choices: New York Strip, Sirloin, Ribeye, Filet Mignon Tenderloin, to the higher-end steakhouses serving only prime beef including the Delmonico and Porterhouse. Beef is not cheap, so more than ever choosing the right restaurant is all-important.