80. Mexican Restaurants

America’s long love affair with Mexican food is only growing sweeter with each passing year. Authentic Mexican dishes available throughout the region deliver the flavor combinations that can only come from tomato, avocado, corn, chili peppers, cheese, pork, chicken, beef, rice and beans, and spices. In a dizzying array of creations, Mexican food delivers those unique, ethnic flavors, straight from the sun-drenched earth we all love.

Guacamole dates back to the Aztecs, but the other traditional flavors of Mexico are as old as time itself, and mostly native to the region. Wrap up your favorite meats, chicken, and vegetables in a flour or corn tortilla, smother it with cheese and tangy sauces, and you’ve got a meal fit for an Aztec king, or a hungry family. Everybody loves Mexican food, and why not? It’s made with simple, natural, fresh ingredients that represent the bounty of the Earth.  The Grand Strand has a few excellent Mexican restaurants ready to feed your family, and make you say “Ole!”

Sun City Cafe

The only one of its kind, Sun City is a Myrtle Beach original, and a local’s and insider’s best-kept secret. Located in Downtown Myrtle Beach, Sun City is famous for its chips and fresh salsa served mild and hot, their Old School” burritos, large enough to share (though you may not want to), and maybe the best margaritas on the beach. Real, fresh, and delicioso!

Sun City Cafe