Myrtle Beach, S.C.

49. Segway & Bike Rentals

Segway & Bike Rentals

Bike rentals in Myrtle Beach give you and your family an all-access pass to explore Ocean Boulevard, cruise the beaches, and check out local attractions. Myrtle Beach is a cyclist-friendly destination that offers bicycle rentals, dedicated bike lanes and parking, and a variety of places to ride. Choose to bike on city streets, groomed multipurpose paths, or through off-road terrain to satisfy your need for adventure. 

Cycling enthusiasts and families looking to ride can choose from an assortment of bike rentals in North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach. Casual beach cruisers, tandem bikes, mountain and trail bikes, and hi-tech e-bikes make getting around Myrtle Beach extra fun. There are a few Myrtle Beach bike rental shops in the area. If you need delivery, Trailblaze Adventure can deliver beach cruisers directly to Myrtle Beach resorts for a small fee. And for longer rentals, they’ll deliver bikes to hotels in North Myrtle Beach for free. 

Myrtle Beach bike rental prices are fairly reasonable, especially when you consider there are plenty of public trails and bike paths to enjoy and you can venture from your hotel without sitting in traffic or paying for parking. Choose single-day or weekly bicycle rentals in Myrtle Beach to fit your budget and itinerary. However long you decide to rent bikes, you’ll quickly discover there’s nothing like riding on scenic local trails and cruising along the oceanfront on your own two wheels. 

Does Myrtle Beach have bike paths?

Yes, Myrtle Beach has bike paths that wind through the area, making the Grand Strand a popular destination for cycling. The city of Myrtle Beach offers maps of bike lanes and paths to help you find fun places to ride, or to navigate to attractions, restaurants, and sightseeing destinations. 

Can you ride bicycles on the beach in North Myrtle Beach?

Yes, riding bikes on North Myrtle Beach beaches is currently allowed anytime, but the local bike laws may soon change and restrict cycling during certain hours. Myrtle Beach bike laws prohibit biking on beaches from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. during peak summer months (May 1 through Labor Day). But these rules don’t mean you can’t ride a bike to the beach. Myrtle Beach offers free bike parking at many of the public beach access points so you can cruise to the shore and enjoy a day at the ocean in any season.

Can you ride a bike on the sidewalk in Myrtle Beach?

No, cycling is not permitted on pedestrian sidewalks, but bikers may ride on multipurpose paths designed for shared traffic. Some of the more popular trails for biking, running, and walking are Grissom Parkway Trail and those that line Farrow Parkway near The Market Common.

Start planning your next visit to the Grand Strand today and get ready for extra fun in the sun, riding bikes together.

Trailblaze Adventure

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Trailblaze Adventure offers the best selection of beach bike rentals on the Grand Strand. The beach cruiser bikes available from Trailblaze Adventure feature 3-inch fat tires, rust-free galvanized chains, and aluminum alloy frames for riding in the sand and cruising near salt water. These single-speed bikes with foot brakes are easy to use and may be delivered to you upon request. A lock and front basket are also included with the rental prices, so you can easily stop and shop or grab a bite to eat without worry. The beach cruisers are available for single-day use or as weekly bike rentals. 

If you’re looking for a more high-tech ride, consider an hourly e-bike rental. You’ll have to stop by the North Myrtle Beach location to pick up your rental bike, but there are plenty of places to explore nearby. The batteries last for 20 or 30 miles so you can go farther without much effort, and the fat tires hold up in any terrain.

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