28. Zoos & Wildlife Attractions

Ligers and tigers and alligators (and elephants), oh my! You might spend your entire Myrtle Beach vacation on the beach, and be perfectly content. You might see a few seagulls, or the occasional fish pop out of the water. You might even see a few crabs scurry by, but not much else. Those in the know, however, will take full advantage of the many zoos, sanctuaries, aquariums, and wildlife attractions along the Grand Strand. It’s at these treasured attractions that you’ll get a real picture of the native wildlife, and a few exotic animals that now call the Grand Strand their home. Featured on National Geographic, The Travel Channel, and other national and international media outlets, these very special places should make it to every visitor’s (and local’s) bucket list. From the rare and exotic, to the cute and cuddly, they’re all here and waiting for your visit.