Myrtle Beach, S.C.

94. Car Shows

Car Shows

Myrtle Beach car shows have a rich history in the Grand Strand, and most have been attracting classic car enthusiasts and gearheads to the beach for decades. Fans of antique vehicles and those who appreciate the fastest, newest rides all agree Myrtle Beach has some of the best car shows in South Carolina. Seeing exotic, collector, and race cars with custom paint jobs glimmering in the bright sunlight (with little or no chance of rain) is what makes Myrtle Beach the best place for car shows for vehicle owners and spectators.

Where is the car show at Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach holds several car shows each year right within city limits: Run to the Sun Car Show is held at the Old Myrtle Square Mall (2501 N. Kings Highway), Mustang Week Car Show takes place at the Myrtle Beach Mall (10177 N. Kings Highway), and Mopars at the Beach will be held at the now-closed Myrtle Waves Water Park (3000 Mr. Joe White Avenue).

How much does it cost to get into the car shows in Myrtle Beach?

Mustang Week and Mopars at the Beach are traditionally free to attend, but Run to the Fun Car Show does charge admission. Purchase a single-day adult ticket for Run to the Fun Car Show for $15 or a 3-Day Adult Pass for $25; children 12 and under are free with an adult. The show’s organizers also offer a discounted Military 3-Day Pass for $10. 

How many cars does the Myrtle Beach car show have?

Run to the Sun Car Show is the largest in Myrtle Beach and features 3,500 vehicles of all makes and models; Mustang Week showcases about 600 or more muscle cars, and Mopars at the Beach is a smaller car show that features around 350 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Fiat vehicles.

Myrtle Beach Car Cruises

During car show weekends, watch as these fantastic vehicles arrive, transforming the very streets of Myrtle Beach into exhibitions in their own right. Most of the area’s shows include a car cruise on the itinerary so you can see—and hear—these impressive cars in action. If you’re searching for a Myrtle Beach car show for this weekend—or for whenever you arrive—you can bet on finding a cruise-in hosted by a local car club, even if there’s no official show in town. Myrtle Beach car cruise nights are informal but exciting gatherings that happen almost every Saturday and Sunday during the summer. These events will tide over any car enthusiast until the next big show. 

Whether you’re into muscle cars, sports cars, vintage restorations, or you just love cars in general, check out these car shows in Myrtle Beach, and book your hotel or resort to plan your stay today.

Run to the Sun Car Show

Run to the Sun Car Show

The Pee Dee Street Rodders’ annual event brings thousands of pre-1989 cars and trucks to Myrtle Beach for enthusiasts and potential buyers to fawn over. This is one of the largest car shows in South Carolina, and it includes a weekend full of awards, prizes, and a swap meet. The 3,500 cars draw 10,000 spectators, making this the place to be for all motorheads! The 2024 Myrtle Beach Run to the Sun Car Show will take place on March 14–16, 2024.

MOPARs at the Beach

MOPARs at the Beach

This celebration of all things MOPAR (a mashup of the terms ‘motor’ and ‘parts’ but encompassing all manner of muscle cars) has been gaining popularity in Myrtle Beach year after year with locals and out-of-towners alike. The event begins with a meet-and-greet and includes a couple of cruise-ins, a charity ride, and the car show, which features food trucks, vendors, and raffles. The 2023 Mopars at the Beach Car Show in Myrtle Beach will take place on October 17–21, 2023.

Myrtle Beach Mustang Week

Myrtle Beach Mustang Week

Car lovers around the country attend Mustang Week to see these iconic vehicles face to face. Mustangs have permeated popular culture for years, and with the most recent release of the Dark Horse 2023 (retailing for a whopping 60K), the muscle car fandom will continue for years. See it for yourself at this year’s weeklong celebration. While it was thought Mustang Week 2022 would be the final year and 2023 might be skipped, the event returns again from September 4–9, 2023. The schedule includes meetups, drag racing, autocross events, and two days of car showings. The car shows will take place at the Myrtle Beach Mall but the other events take place all over the area, from Murrells Inlet to North Myrtle Beach to Hartsville.