84. Wine Bars & Wineries

First came the Earth, sky and oceans. Then came grapes, and then came wine; one of mankind’s oldest and most beloved beverages, with archeological references dating it back to 6,000 b.c.

In the past few decades wine’s popularity has exploded. In 2011, U.S.A. Today reported U.S. wine sales, for the first time in history, exceeded those in France. Here along the Grand Strand, the options for enjoying wine start at the grocery store and go all the way to fine dining restaurants with award-winning wine lists.

Myrtle Beach wine bars, focused on pairing really good wine with really good food, are another growing option. Whether your preference is for cool, crisp white wines, medium bodied pink or blush wines, or deep, rich reds, there’s a perfect flavor and style for all (21 and over, of course).

Did we mention that the medical community says moderate wine consumption is probably good for you? So, wine not? Enjoy! Here’s a look at some of the area’s best wine shops, wine bars, wineries and Myrtle Beach restaurants serving fine wines.