29. Arcades

As old as seaside vacations themselves, arcades, originally called “penny arcades,” have a long-standing tradition of entertaining crowds of all ages.

Along the Grand Strand you’ll find games of chance, games of skill, and the unique sights and sounds of yesteryear, mixed with today’s newest entries into the interactive video gaming world.

While Myrtle Beach may have lost its iconic Pavilion Amusement Park along the oceanfront, the nearby arcades and game centers are still going strong, decades after first enchanting vacationers. Arcades can be found oceanfront or near the oceanfront in nearly every Grand Strand beach community from Cherry Grove to Garden City Beach.

These arcades combine the best of the old styled games, and the modern, hi-tech arcade video games of today. Here new friendships are made, first loves are discovered, and summers are whiled away between the popcorn and pinball machines; arcades are as American as apple pie.

The Track Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach’s newest family fun attraction is not just about racing around in go-karts, it also features a great arcade with tons of state-of-the-art games. Whether you prefer to play for tickets and grab some fun prizes or you want to just compete with your friends and family in games of sport, skill and blowing stuff up, The Track has you covered.

The Track Myrtle Beach