Myrtle Beach, S.C.

31. Mirror Mazes

Mirror Mazes

At times you’ll wonder if you’ll ever again see the light of day. Mirror mazes date back to antiquity as entertainment for noblemen, and the wealthy elite of society. Centuries later, they’re still entertaining us, challenging our minds, vision, and memory, as we try to find the path through. You’ll turn circles, have false hope as the trick of reflected light leads you down a primrose path to nowhere, then back to the beginning. If you scream loud enough, someone will come to rescue you, but most won’t need any outside help, and eventually will find their way out, satisfied with a job well done, and a vow to never do this again. But they will. There’s something about the challenge that keeps us coming back for more. Their magic is that they seem so simple, yet can be so tricky. Go ahead, give it a try! Myrtle Beach is loaded with great Mirror Maze options.

Ripley's Mirror Maze

Ripley's Mirror Maze

No one has brought more action and adventure to the Grand Strand than Ripley’s. With four separate attractions at the beach, Ripley’s has fine-tuned the art of entertainment. Ripley’s Mirror Maze, located on Ocean Blvd. near the SkyWheel, features more than 100 mirrors, state-of-the-art sound and lights, and a hi-tech spin on an old trick. Once you’ve entered, you’ll soon be scratching your head, asking, How do we get out?”

Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors

The Hollywood Wax Museum is three attractions in one; the world-famous Wax Museum, the Outbreak Zombie Apocalypse, and Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors. It will seem like a friendly fairyland when you first enter Hannah’s, her sweet voice guides you through the maze, but obstacles and pitfalls along the way leave you wondering on who’s side is she?

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Backstage Mirror Maze

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Two attractions in one, Backstage Mirror Maze, at Broadway at the Beach, combines a traditional mirror maze with a separate attraction, a hi-tech Mirror Maze Laser Challenge. A timed series of challenges leads to exciting fun. Both mazes provide stimulating entertainment for all ages, filled with special effects, twists, endless loops, and infinite reflections all designed to dazzle and amaze.

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