77. Theme Restaurants

It may have all started in the early 1970s with a small, humble rock ‘n’ roll themed café in London, England, called Hard Rock Café. Visited by Eric Clapton and other 70s rock gods and goddesses, a half-century later the popular concept of dining in a themed restaurant has really caught on world wide. The building design, the décor, and the music all work together to create or re-create a theme that sets the mood. Whether you like rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia (Hard Rock Café), a singer/songwriter’s tropical paradise (Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville), snarky service and miserable staff (Dick’s Last Resort), or the old fashioned corner diner of the 1950s (Johnny Rocket’s), there’s a theme for just about everyone. Myrtle Beach is no stranger to these fabulously fun-filled dining establishments, where great food and entertainment go hand in hand. It’s like dinner and show!