30. Haunted Houses & Attractions

Who doesn’t like a little spooktacular scare once in a while? Vacationers to the Grand Strand flock to our interactive haunted houses and spook zones in large numbers all year long. These brave souls are seemingly eager to test their courage in the face of headless demons, rabid zombies, chain-saw wielding mad men, ghosts, and all manor of dark specters. With several adventures to choose from, why not become an expert by testing your nerve at all of them? Not for the faint-of-heart, visit with someone who won’t mind your screaming and grabbing as you turn dark corners to face the unknown. Dazzled by Hollywood special effects, you’ll be amazed at the skill from the creators of all this mayhem. From the granddaddy of haunted houses, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, to its spooky neighbor, Nightmare Haunted House, to the newcomer, Outbreak at the Hollywood Wax Museum, there are thrills and chills for all.