26. Gardens

Amid all the hustle and bustle of the Grand Strand, there are a few places where you can truly relax, away from the crowds, away from the neon, and indulge yourself in nature. These rare and special places are on extreme ends of the Grand Strand; one, Brookgreen Gardens is in Murrells Inlet, about 30 minutes south of Myrtle beach, and the other, much smaller, but no less beautiful, is Vereen Gardens in Little River, about 45 minutes north of Myrtle Beach. At both parks, you’ll be able to get out into nature and see native plants and animals. You’ll walk along quiet trails and you may even find you’re the only one, but more likely you’ll pass a few strangers with pleasant smiles on their faces. They’ll nod in appreciation of the shared experience that the vast majority of the 15 million visitors to the Grand Strand miss.