23. Guided Tours

The Grand Strand is more than just a popular vacation destination full of resorts and modern attractions. Amid all the amusement parks, waterslides and, of course, the white sandy beaches, there are scenic vistas, beautiful natural landscapes, and interesting local history. With a number of guided tours available in the area, visitors (and locals) are able to appreciate often overlooked sights and details sometimes lost in the hustle and bustle.

With tours covering everything from local history to up close encounters with local wildlife, you may gain a familiarity with the area that is well worth the small average price of the tours offered.

From casual open-aired Jeep tours, steeped in unique local trivia, to serene Jet Ski and dolphin excursions just off the Carolina coast, you might spend your vacation letting others lead you.

Courteous and knowledgeable guides are eager to answer questions, whether you’re new to the area or have been visiting for years.

Rover Tours

A comfortably shaded 40-ft. pontoon boat takes visitors on an informative and scenic tour of coastal Georgetown County that includes the Winyah Bay, barrier islands and even South Carolina’s oldest lighthouse. Interesting historical facts and abundant wildlife make this a tour not to be missed. Along this unspoiled stretch of coast you can expect to see Dolphins, Bald Eagles, Alligators and much more.

Rover Tours