90. Italian Restaurants

For a taste of great Italian food in Myrtle Beach, you’ll find so many excellent choices, you should probably just visit them all. Perfect for every occasion, and in every season, Italian cuisine is synonymous with family and friends, and is the definition of “comfort food.” While robust, rich tomato and meat sauces with mounds of pasta first come to mind, Italian food can be quite healthy as a part of a Mediterranean Diet. So splurge occasionally with a limoncello and antipasto starter, followed by large dinner portion of Ossobuco, brigole, or lasagna, then finish with a decadent tiramisu dessert. Maybe you’d rather or go lighter with fresh seafood, and fresh vegetable salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing? Regardless, no Italian meal is complete without the Chianti, or other fine Italian wine, and every meal should finish with an espresso (lower in caffeine then coffee!) with a lemon twist, and maybe a shot of Amaretto. Enjoy any of the great Myrtle Beach Italian restaurants!