Myrtle Beach, S.C.

35. Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters

Getting an adrenaline rush from riding a Myrtle Beach roller coaster as it dips, twists, and turns is a rite of passage for vacationers in the Grand Strand. Just like popcorn at the movies or coffee with breakfast, roller coasters and beach vacations simply belong together. While riding the rails in Myrtle Beach is optional, your vacation will be more enjoyable if you do, and there are several amusement parks that will have you throwing your hands up and tossing your worries into the wind in no time.

Myrtle Beach has roller coasters in four amusement parks, and all are in convenient locations that make it easy to pop in and play during your vacation. Select from nine Myrtle Beach coasters throughout the city’s fun parks to find one that satisfies your thirst for adventure. Two parks in downtown Myrtle Beach near oceanfront hotels—the Family Kingdom and The Funplex—offer seven coasters combined. The Track includes one coaster among its attractions, and Pavilion Park in the popular Broadway at the Beach district offers a load of family-friendly rides, including a roller coaster kids and teens love. 

First-timers and experienced thrill-seekers can find the best Myrtle Beach roller coasters to satisfy their need for adventure. Whether you enjoy the mounting tension as you travel up the track, the stomach-dropping descent, or the winding turns afterward, the roller coasters in Myrtle Beach offer a fun, exciting, and safe way for families and friends to enjoy in-the-moment excitement. And the theme parks with the best coasters include plenty of other rides and games, so you can easily spend the entire day having fun.

If you’ve been vacationing in Myrtle Beach over the years, your Grand Strand memories likely feature some of the old coasters from the original Pavilion, including the Hurricane, a wooden coaster that exhilarated riders with its speed and 100-foot drop, and its predecessor, the twisted Corkscrew coaster. Beachgoers see rides and amusement parks come and go, but thankfully there are family fun parks with roller coasters and thrill rides popping up all the time. Whether you’re an adrenaline lover or you’re simply looking for new things to do on vacation, check out these spots to find the best roller coasters in Myrtle Beach:

The Track

More than just go-karts, The Track offers a Spinning Coaster ride that’s a perfect Myrtle Beach roller coaster for novices. The rolling curves and spinning cars are fun without getting too crazy. Spend an action-packed day at this fun park and top it off with a coaster ride!

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Family Kingdom Amusement Park

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This attraction on the south end of Ocean Boulevard has been a haven for ride-seekers since 1966. It’s home to six of the best roller coasters in Myrtle Beach, including The Swamp Fox, a wooden coaster built the same year the park opened. There aren’t too many others left like this 2,400-square-foot structure. The bumpy, jolting ride gives passengers a thrilling sense of living on the edge. The park also features the Twist N’ Shout, a “wild mouse” steel coaster that leaves riders guessing at the twists and turns along the track, plus the Hurricane, which includes lots of rolling hills, and the classic log ride-style coaster that ends in a splash! Younger kids can hop on the kiddie coaster and family-style Dragon Coaster for their own wild times.

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The Funplex Myrtle Beach

The Funplex Myrtle Beach is a small but mighty family-fun area in downtown Myrtle Beach. Filling just one city block, The Funplex features seven rides, including the Fun in the Sun roller coaster. Each rider has a blast as the ride and its cars twist and turn. No two carts offer the same experience, so it’s fun to ride again and again.

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Pavilion Park

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This family fun park at Broadway at the Beach is divided into two sides, the Fun Park and the Action Park. The Fun Park features one of the more exciting, yet kid-friendly roller coasters in Myrtle Beach. The Myrtle Turtles coaster features four cars that spin while they navigate the track, making it a dizzying and enjoyable experience for children and teens alike.

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