44. Unique Museums

Aside from the historical museums in the area, Myrtle Beach is also home to several specialty museums that serve more as entertainment attractions than educational spaces.

These places are perfect for those more interested in taking selifies with wax figure replicas of famous people, seeing mind-bending displays of strange human achievements, discovering the practical wonders of science, or checking out classic cars.

Fun for the whole family, a trip to one or more of these promises an experience that will be talked (and maybe) laughed about for the foreseeable future.

And why not add some more fun to what is probably already a great vacation? After all, it is a Myrtle Beach vacation!

Wheels of Yesteryear

Myrtle Beach is home to several car shows and rallies each year, but in case your vacation doesn’t coincide with one of them, head out to Wheels of Yesteryear to see one of the region’s best collections of classic cars and trucks. There you’ll find Corvettes, GTO’s, convertibles, pickup trucks, coupes, and many more fully-restored machines that will transport you back to the Golden Age of American automobiles.

Wheels of Yesteryear