24. Horseback Riding

Once a necessity for travel, horseback riding is now done mostly just for the sheer pleasure. Riding on the backs of these strong, noble, patient and loyal animals is known to millions. The relaxation of moving slowly and steadily along a forest trail allows the rider to literally stop and smell the roses. The Grand Strand is, of course, only part oceanfront; the rural landscape just a few miles off the coast is perfect for enjoying Lowcountry nature. The variety of plants, birds, and mammals in the woods and fields, and along the riverside, is best enjoyed, many say, from the back of a horse. Several local equestrian businesses offer lessons, short trial rides, and even overnight adventures all with well-trained, and well cared for horses. Summer camps offer young riders a group experience they’ll never forget, and in the winter, as the law allows, you can even horseback ride on the beach, as part of a guided tour.