13. Laser Tag

Almost every kid has played Capture the Flag at some point in their lives. The game is a team sport that involves each team guarding a small flag, trying to capture the opposing team’s flag, and using basic military strategy to win. When toy manufacturer Milton Bradley came out with the first laser-based Star Trek Phaser toy in 1979, Capture the Flag was changed forever. Laser Tag has progressed from its first clumsy days of the early 1980s to the hi-tech sport that kids and their parents may all enjoy. Harmless light beams are fired from hi-tech guns while vests register “hits” rendering the player “out” or temporarily disabled. The play area has participants weaving around obstacles, looking for shelter. The ultimate goal? Reach your opponent’s target without being disabled, destroy the target, and the game is over. The Grand Strand has had several great Laser Tag arenas for decades. Give it a try, and you’ll be hooked.