Myrtle Beach named among Top 20 destinations for 4th of July


Myrtle Beach, SC | The accolades for Myrtle Beach keep piling up.

In its annual survey on Tuesday, named Myrtle Beach among the 20 most popular destinations to celebrate July Fourth.

The survey examines travel trends from the more than 30,000 booking requests made on's Name Your Own Price service.

Brian Ek, a spokesman, said the BP oil spill seemed to be having an effect on traveler's destinations this weekend.

"Beach destinations this year were concentrated on the East and West coastlines," Ek said. New Orleans fell from #1 last year to #26 this year.

Myrtle Beach was #19 on the list of 50. In the top spot was Chicago's Millennium Park area followed by downtown St. Louis, Boston's Harbor Front and downtown Toronto.

For Myrtle Beach visitors looking to celebrate Independence Day along the beach, there are tons of great viewing spots. You can check out the show from almost any of the Myrtle Beach oceanfront hotels in the area or settle in at one of these professional fireworks displays.


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