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Pirate Adventures Children’s Treasure Hunt

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4079 US-17 Business, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576   

About Pirate Adventures Children’s Treasure Hunt

Pirate Adventures of Myrtle Beach gives children the chance to experience the thrill of pirate life. They’ll sail aboard the pirate ship, Sea Gypsy, in search of sunken treasure! First, the crew will paint a curly mustache on the young mates (kids) or give them an anchor tattoo. Then, after receiving a lucky treasure hunting vest, the mates will set sail on the calm waters of Murrells Inlet. Armed with water cannons, the Sea Gypsy is ready for the voyage ahead! You never know who you might come across in the waters! Pirate Adventures departs from Captain Dick’s at Crazy Sister Marina. Private Charters are also available for Birthday Parties and Field Trips. Come aboard the Sea Gypsy because children always walk away with incredible stories.

Before boarding the Sea Gypsy, be sure to study up and learn all of the pirate lingoes! 

Talk Like a Pirate

Ahoy!- Hey or Hello

Aye!- Yes!

Aye Aye! – Yes, double yes!

Blimey!- Something said when in a state of surprise

Booty- Treasure

Buccaneer- Name for a pirate mainly found in the Caribbean

Crows Nest- small platform near the top of the sails

Cutlass- Type of sword used by pirates

Davey Jones’ Locker- Mythological place at the bottom of the sea where drowned sailors go

Doubloons- Gold coins found in a treasure chest

Hornswaggle- To cheat

Jolly Roger – A pirate flag with a skull and crossbones

Land Ho- I see land ahead!

Me Hearty- My friend, my pal, my buddy

Old-Salt- A sailor who has a great deal of experience on the sea

Pieces of Eight- An old pirate legend, Spanish coins

Poop Deck- Deck that is the highest and farthest back

Sea Dog- Person who has been a sailor or pirate for a long time

Scallywag – Scoundrel; a bad person

Shipshape- Very neat and organized

Shiver me Timbers- I can’t believe it

SpyGlass- Telescope, for looking around

Swab the deck!- Clean the boat

Walk the plank- A punishment, probably more of a myth, that entails someone walking off the

side of the boat

Yo ho!- A pirate laughing 


User Reviews
Pirate Adventures Children’s Treasure Hunt Reviews

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Avg. rating based on 3 reviews

  • Awesome experience

    We all had an amazing time. Young and older alike will enjoy this experience. My kid had a blast and so did the adults. Highly recommend!!!

    Amy user

  • So much fun

    The employees did a very good job keeping the kids entertained! My 4 year old son had a blast and made memories!

    Tiffany user

  • Very Entertaining and Interactive…

    I took my 8 yrs old daughter and 3 yrs old nephew last year and they both loved it. The employees did such an amazing job keeping the kids engaged and entertained. Both of them want to go back this year!!

    Liz E. user