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2205 N. Kings Hwy., Myrtle Beach, SC 29577   

About Myrtle Beach Family Golf

Myrtle Beach Family Golf offers all Myrtle Beach residents, visitors, and mini golf lovers alike with some of the best and family-friendly miniature golf courses! Offering 4 different locations, there’s something for everyone.

Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf– 2205 N Kings Hwy

Fans of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and Neverland will enjoy this mini golf experience located in the heart of Myrtle Beach. The two courses – Hooks and Lost Boys – take putters through a landscape of roving pirates, animated crocodiles, spooky caverns, and a foreboding 15-foot smoking skull. Both tracks feature several par 3’s, giving players the chance to make an eagle, and the list of course rules includes the demand to “Never Grow Up!” Rates are $9 before 6 p.m., and $10 afterwards. Call (843) 913-7851 today!

Jungle Safari– 7101 N Kings Hwy

Jungle and animal fans will enjoy this mini golf location giving the full safari experience. Go deep into the African savanna, putting your way through some of the best wildlife and spectacular jungle views. But putters beware! Being in the jungle, there could be a wild beast lurking along the way and you must play by their rules! Enjoy your quest to become King or Queen of the Jungle! Adult pricing starts at $11.50, while child tickets start at $10.50. Call (843) 315-0311 today!

Jurassic Golf– 2900 S Kings Hwy

Jurassic Park hasn’t stopped making movies for a reason. Dinosaurs are still in Myrtle Beach! Come take a trip back in time and play golf with a T-Rex at Jurassic Golf. Two courses, appropriately named “Ice Age” and “Predator,” both are challenging 18 hole courses that have winding paths to the cup, making it tough for any prehistoric archeologist to sift their way through.  The metaphorical time machine that takes you to this wonderful world is open from 9:00 AM-11:00 PM. Don’t miss the fun! Adult tickets are $12, while child tickets are $11. Call (843) 913-5333 today!

Shipwreck Island– 3301 S Ocean Blvd

Embark upon a shipwreck adventure, putting your way through shark-infested waters and pirates! On Shipwreck Island, search for the missing treasure chest and await a rescue with the rest of the castaway crew. Golf your way through the tropical elements like palm trees, sea shells, waterfalls, streams, and flowers. Pricing is $12 for adults, while children are $11. Call (843) 913-5330 today!

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