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About OceanFront Helicopters

Whether a helicopter ride has been on your list of things to do for years, or whether you’re a seasoned veteran, a scenic trip high above the Grand Strand is a great way to spice up your vacation. With 40 years of accident-free experience, OceanFront Helicopters has been taking vacationers and locals up in the air and out over the ocean safely and in style. Adventurers can choose from several different flight options, from a 2-minute Intro Trip to a longer flight up to the North Carolina-South Carolina border, passing all of the iconic Myrtle Beach landmarks, including the Myrtle Beach Skywheel, Family Kingdom Amusement Park and all of the resorts lining the coast. All of the pilots are commercially rated and use gentle turns during the flight. As their website says, “This is a professional scenic tour, not a thrill ride.” Each flight has a two-person minimum, and reservations are accepted but not necessary. No special attire is required, bring a camera and enjoy the ride.


Intro Flight

The Intro tour is a quick flight that will fly you right over the coast’s beautiful beaches—$20 per person.

North Beach Tour

The North Beach Tour is nearly 4 times the time of the intro flight. It will take you above the beaches and to the former site of the Myrtle Beach Pavilion. You will see the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and the Family Kingdom on your tour—$39.99 per person.

South Beach Tour

The South Beach Tour flies you over Warbird Park, Myrtle Beach State Park, and the different campgrounds as you head toward Surfside Beach—$45.99 per person.

Broadway Tour

The Broadway Tour flies you over many major attractions on the Myrtle Beach coastline. The attractions include Family Kingdom, Skywheel, Zipline Adventure & the Slingshot. Although you aren’t flying over land, you can still look inland and see the Myrtle Beach Convention Center and Broadway at the Beach—$59.99 per person. 

Garden City Tour

The Garden City Tour will show you some of the most beautiful scenery on the coast! With Warbird Park and Myrtle Beach State Park views, it is hard to beat—$59.99 per person.

Myrtle Beach Tour

The Myrtle Beach Tour takes you to see the “Golden Mile” of the beach. You will see beautiful multimillion-dollar properties along this stretch —$79.99 per person.

Apache Tour

The Apache Tour takes you to all the places in the other tours, but you end the tour with a view of the Apache Pier, the oldest and largest pier in the area—$99.99 per person. 

Grand Tour

The Grand Tour is the longest and best tour offered at OceanFront Helicopters. This tour flies you all the way to Cherry Grove, which is almost to North Carolina. The Grand Tour is an extension of the Apache Tour, so be ready to see the most amazing views on the coast—$179.99 per person.

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Avg. rating based on 1 reviews

  • Awesome

    I can't believe how much fun it was. I'm scared to death of heights and I enjoyed ever minute. Will definitely do it again.

    John Cero user