Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

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913 N Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29526     (843) 448-2331
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(843) 448-2331

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Avg. rating based on 14 reviews


About Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

Myrtle Beach offers plenty of thrill rides to get visitors’ adrenaline pumping, but there’s only one attraction designed to send chills down your spine – Ripley’s Haunted Adventure – Laser Strike. Located in the heart of Myrtle Beach’s downtown district on the same Ocean Boulevard city block that includes other Ripley’s attractions, such as the Believe It Or Not Odd-itorium, Mirror Maze and the Moving Theater, but the Haunted Adventure stands out in the crowd in terms of curb appeal.

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure – Laser Strike has become infested with zombies and it is your job to suit up and take them down! Each participant will be give a laser gun to help defend themselves from the outbreak. Make your way through the chaos and practice your aim in this closed-quarters combat experience. Will you make it out alive?

 This attraction is for ages 8 and up. Patrons can package their tickets with other Ripley’s attractions for discounted rates.

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Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure Reviews

See what 14 users said about Ripley’s Haunted Adventure:

Angela E user
2015 Grad week

Awesome place to believe or not to believe. I have a great time there and very friendly staff and clean neat place!!

Tammy A user

Fun, scary ,and exciting

L Heather G user
Horror, horror and more horror!

If you like horror this is the place to go!

Ginna C user
All I can say it Ripley’s is by far the place we always visit when we go to Myrtle Beach

I have been here so many times and it never gets old. They have new things all the time and we make it a point to visit each and every time we go to Myrtle Beach

Heather W user

too scary for little ones, but great for the teens


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