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About Riddles Escape Room

Adventure-seekers will absolutely love Riddles Escape Room! 

Featuring six different escape rooms, Riddles provides visitors a fun and unique experience attempting to “escape.” Ranging from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, players are given a time clock to escape their themed live-action rooms to solve puzzles, clues, and secret codes. Riddles Escape Room has fun for all age groups and families, as well as different levels of difficulties. 

Mystery Steampunk Mansion- $27/person (2 t0 8 players)

Set in a Wild West and Victorian-era fusion mansion, the Steampunk Mansion is a 60-minute adventure where players race against time to track down a lost item and prove their “identity” for it. Swift and calculated actions are essential for finding a solution. Non-frightening and not a haunted house, this is a great option for all mystery lovers! This game is played indoors in a private room.

Myrtletown Wagon Trail Escape- $15-27/person (2 to 8 players)

Find the missing gold for the residents of “Myrtletown” and escape all in 60 minutes? This adventure is perfect for those who enjoy the Wild West and plenty of mystery! You can choose your game’s difficulty level based on the group’s age range to solve puzzles, clues, and riddles. Pricing ranges from $27 for anyone age 17 and above, $20 for ages 12 to 16, and $15 for ages 8 to 11. Children age 7 and below get in free. This is a family-friendly game and played in a private room indoors.

Escape from the Grande Strand Hotel- $27/person (2 to 8 players)

You can check in…but can you check out? The luxurious, 5-star resort has all the amenities, but as all of their guests check in, most never check out. Will you also become a missing guest? In 60 minutes, race against the clock to solve the mystery of what’s behind all the disappearances. This is a mysterious, non-frightening game fun for the whole group!

Myrtletown Wagon Trail Dueling Escape- $15-27/person (8 or more players)

Another trip to Myrtletown, but this time, race against the clock in teams! In 60 minutes, each team will race against each other, solving all the clues and puzzles in this escape adventure. Pricing ranges from $27 for anyone age 17 and above, $20 for ages 12 to 16, and $15 for ages 8 to 11. Children age 7 and below get in free. This is a family-friendly game and played in a private room indoors.

Marooned Island Escape- $27/person (2 to 8 players)

After being marooned on an island for 5 days, can you escape it? On this island adventure, players have 60 minutes to find a hidden treasure and escape the island before a big tropical storm hits. This game takes place in a private room indoors.

Claustrophobia Extreme Escape- $18/person (up to 2 players)

The Claustrophobia Extreme Escape room is the only 2 player escape room at Riddles. This room is the most intense for its tight spaces and short time window. This tiny room only gives players 30 minutes to solve the puzzles and clues needed to escape. This game takes place in a very small and private indoor room.

You can reserve your time slot via text or on the website. Riddles also offers gift certificates.

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