Pirates Voyage

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8901-B North Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572     843-497-9700
About Pirates Voyage

The Jolly Roger flag is hoisted and the pirates are ready to do battle at Pirate’s Voyage Dinner Attraction! This Dolly Parton production features two pirate teams battling one another choreographed to theatrical lighting, seafaring sounds, and an original music score by Dolly Parton. Watch the antics of the pirates and sea life as you dine on a five course meal in this spectacular dinner attraction! The Crimson Pirates and the Sapphire Pirates both want the same thing, treasure! They will be at each other’s throats as they battle for it! Watch as they fight on the life-size pirate ships, in the 15 foot deep lagoon, and flying across the sky. Guests will be thrilled by the high flying aerobatics and daring water stunts; you may even spot a lovely, sparkling mermaid or a spotlight-stealing animal among the ruckus. Help your pirate team win the battle by cheering the loudest as the daring crew members swoop, dive, and swash-buckle. You will feel like you are really at sea with Pirate Voyage’s dramatic lighting, realistic sounds, and pyrotechnics. While you are entertained, you can enjoy a delicious down-home meal. Settle in for five courses including vegetable soup, Buccaneer Bread, roasted chicken, BBQ Pork, corn on the cob, home fries, and apple pie. You have unlimited refills of Pepsi, sweet tea, coffee and water to wash down your meal. Vegetarian meals are available upon request when you purchase your tickets. Guests are encouraged to arrive early for the pre-show antics and to find their seats. The Pirate Voyage theater are ready to accommodate their guests with special needs. Handicap accessible seats are available and they offer wireless headsets for the hearing impaired. Tickets prices are $49.04-$54.49 for adults, $23.97-$29.42 for children over three years. Children under three are free if they share a seat with a member of their party. The show starts at 6:00 pm most nights, check the website for more information on the show schedule, group discounts, and discount packages.

debra a shovlin
MyrtleBeach.com user
sharing the show with family

It was a great show! I only wish they would lower their prices a bit during the season or have a local special.

MyrtleBeach.com User
MyrtleBeach.com user
Pirate Voyage

My family and I absolutely loved it!! We are coming back this Spring Break and plan on returning!

brianna bealand
MyrtleBeach.com user
Amazing shows

this was an amazing experience there was wonderful stunts and food as soon as I saw the show i new that's were i wanted to work so hopefully i can but it is defiantly worth the money and the food is great

Tony F
MyrtleBeach.com user
“Arrive matey”

Real cool place for everyone!

Sheniece Thomas
MyrtleBeach.com user
Very entertaining

I was a little reluctant about this but I had a great time.


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