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314 Main St, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582   
(843) 231-5644

About Break Out Myrtle Beach

Break Out Escape Games in North Myrtle Beach is the perfect way to put your mind to the test! They have multiple rooms in this location, and each of them has its own unique playstyles. Each room comes with its challenges, but also with a lot of fun! In each room, you are given 60 minutes to solve the series of challenges and break out! The following are the different games offered. 

Red Beard’s Revenge 

You are your pirate crew. You are trying to beat the clock to find Black Beard’s hidden treasure! As a team, you will have to work together to get past Black Beard’s tricks. You will have the map, and a spot marked X, but you won’t get to the X if you miss any clues. Find the treasure before Black Beard returns!

Serial Killer 

You are your friends are trapped in a serial killer’s house! He is testing you to see if you can escape the rooms of doom that he has created. You’ve only got 60 minutes, so you better work fast.

CSI Myrtle Beach

There has been a Myrtle Beach Murder, and the murderer is ready to strike again. The city is in a panic because he already told the press he would kill again in one hour, so you must work together to uncover the murderer’s identity! 

The Cannibal Collector

Nineteen people are missing in town for over a week, and now the entire search team has gone missing. It is now up to you and your team to solve this mystery, but you have already fallen into the kidnapper’s trap. It has become clear to you why no bodies have been found, and it’s because the kidnapper is a cannibal! You have been stripped of your phones, and you must find a way to alert the authorities before the cannibal comes home for dinner. 

Undead Outbreak

People in Myrtle Beach have been infected with a virus that has turned them into zombies! The infected zombies surround you and your group, and you only have 60 minutes before they can get in!

The Curse of Volcano Island

You and your friends are on your way to a tropical island when your plane crashes, and you become lost at sea. Everyone has survived and made it to the lifeboat, and the island is spotted. What will happen when you’re waiting on the island for a rescue team? Play this game to find out. 

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User Reviews
Break Out Myrtle Beach Reviews

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Avg. rating based on 1 reviews

  • AWESOME!!!

    My boys and I did Red Beard's Revenge on our recent trip. BEST EXCAPE ROOM EVER!!! We have done other escape rooms. This is by far the absolute best! The staff are wonderful. The room was tricky, inspired creativity and team work. Then a free photo op after. Definitely Five Stars!!!! Thank you!


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(843) 231-5644

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