Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

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2904 Fantasy Way, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579     866-543-9637
About Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Step back into a time of knights and princesses at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, a thrilling, family-friendly dinner attraction inspired by the feasts and jousting tournaments of 11th century Spain. Guests are served a banquet of four courses as they cheer for one of six knights competing in the joust. One of many locations across the United States, Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament brings a unique, vacation experience to Myrtle Beach visitors that they are sure to never forget! Enter the castle at Medieval Times where you will feel like you’ve journeyed back in time. Have a souvenir picture taken with a prince or princess before you explore the castle interior where you can view the 11th century torture devices, weaponry and furnishings, buy souvenirs, or enjoy a beverage from the full bar. You may even see someone being knighted right before your eyes! When you enter the arena you will be seated in your knight’s cheering section. Give a rousing cheer as your knight is introduced by the royal family and begins a fight of honor to win the princess’ favor. Marvel at the tests of skill, the horsemanship, falconry, and the excitement of the joust! While you are entertained by the tournament, dig into a four course meal fit for a king. Costumed wenches bring out your meal’s courses and no utensils are needed! Sip soup from your pewter mug then use your hands to eat your chicken, ribs, home-style potatoes, grilled bread, and pastry. Don’t worry; the lights are turned low so no one can see just how much you are enjoying your feast.  Non-alcoholic drinks are served with your meal, but a full-bar is available before, during, and after the show. Vegetarian meals are available upon request when you make your reservation. Tickets for adults are $53.95, children 12 and under are $26.95. Inquire about ticket upgrades that include special seating and souvenirs or the seasonal /group special pricing. Shows run nightly at 6:00 pm. For more information and to purchase your tickets call or visit the Medieval Times website.

Kristopher Lee user
Great show definitely worth it

Was a great show, the kids and entire family loved it. And the food was awesome.

Tony F user
Just like the name say’s

We loved it,great food, exciting show!

Margaret A user
Once in a life time!

Loved the horses and entertainment

Kelly B user
Excitement with Dinner

Little overwhelmed. Never been to anything like it before. But very entertaining.

Gina C user
So Cool!

We had a great time! The show was amazing and the food was great! The workers are awesome!


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