Popular TV Show ‘American Pickers’ to Film in North Myrtle Beach

By Marissa Polascak
January 11, 2018

The North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce recently announced that the popular television show, ‘American Pickers,’ will be filming in North Myrtle Beach this winter. The show, which airs on the History Channel, follows stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they hunt for good things to “pick” from private antique collectors, garages, barns, basements, junkyards, and more. However, please keep in mind that retail spaces such as antique shops, flea markets, and other spaces open to the public will not qualify for the show.

Wolfe and Fritz are known to pick items that catch their eye, such as old toys, motorcycles, car parts, and more. They then clean them up and either re-sell them at their shops in LeClaire, IA and Nashville, TN, find specialty buyers, or keep them for their own personal collections.

The producers from the documentary series are searching for people in the North Myrtle Beach area who have special or one-of-a-kind antique items they are willing to sell on the show. If you’re interested, contact via phone at (855) 653-7878 or by email at [email protected]