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Ultrazone Xtreme Laser Tag

964 Lake Arrowhead Rd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572   
(843) 491-1336

About Ultrazone Xtreme Laser Tag

Ultrazone Laser Tag is a serious adventure for people of all ages! They are the premier laser tag facility in South Carolina with their laser tag games, arcade games, and unbeatable birthday parties.

When you play laser tag in the arena, you will start by strapping on a vest and learning the game’s rules. You have to play safe, and their video briefing will go over how you can do that. When you step into the arena, it will be like stepping into the darkened labyrinth. The arena has multiple levels and 3 base areas. With tons of hiding places and passageways, the game gets serious! If you want to score big, then you should try and destroy the opposing team’s base. You will know the base is destroyed when you see a bright white flash and hear an explosion sound come from the base. This will get you 2001 points! A game of laser tag lasts for 15 minutes.

Host your next youth group meeting, church groups, company parties, fundraisers, and more at Ultrazone Laser Tag.

Tips to Score the Most Points in Ultrazone Laser Tag

1. Tag players in the chest and back.

2. Spread out from your team! If you are grouped, this gives the opposing team a better chance of tagging you and getting many points at once.

3. Defend your base.

4. Find a hiding spot in the arena where you can see but not be seen.

5. Don’t stay in your hiding spot for the entire game because the other player will catch on!

6. Stay shooting!

7. Don’t worry if you get tagged a couple of times! The penalty for being tagged is less than the benefit of tagging others.

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Ultrazone Xtreme Laser Tag is open 7 days a week. Hours vary seasonally.


(843) 491-1336

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