Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Dick’s Last Resort

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4700 Highway 17 South, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582   
(843) 272-7794

About Dick’s Last Resort

Check your ego at the door and be sure to bring a good sense of humor. Dick’s Last Resort dishes out good-natured ribbing to go with its good-tasting food to create the opposite of a friendly atmosphere. It’s not for everyone, but if you enjoy a fun exchange with the wait staff and a fun environment, Dick’s is the place to be.

Dick’s Food

To complete the stereotypical tourist dive motif, Dick’s jokingly pokes fun at its own food. In fact, the advertising copy calls the eatery “The Shame of Barefoot Landing” and actually brags about no recent poisonings. But the food is actually pretty good at this monster man-cave minus the manners. Buckets, yes buckets, of fried seafood and catfish, grilled ribs and chicken. Hot wings and cold beer is a popular choice, and Dick’s is famous for its burgers and sandwiches. The bar area is a nice place to hang out and watch tables take and dish out the verbal abuse. Complain or send back the food at your own risk.

Dick’s Atmosphere

Dinner at Dick’s is like no place you’ve ever been, with the wait staff actually encouraged to be offensive to guests. The exchange between customers and servers creates a fun and festive atmosphere, and the staff has planned pranks to play on their tables to lighten the mood. The restaurant is rustic and rusty around the edges – just the way it’s supposed to be.

User Reviews
Dick’s Last Resort Reviews

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Avg. rating based on 12 reviews

  • yeah

    the waiter with the tatted arm is hot

    Ava user

  • Marissa the Waitress

    She is the BEST waitress. VERY FUNNY & personable.

    Kyra Holtby user

  • Waiter Brandon

    Our waiter, Brandon is awesome. He made the experience great!

    Angela user

  • Joey

    So funny, Joey is hot. Request Joey

    Lilly W user

  • Joey

    So funny, Joey is hot. Request Joey

    Lilly W user