Ultimate California Pizza Game Zone

959 Lake Arrowhead Road, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572  •   (843) 449-1160

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About Ultimate California Pizza Game Zone

Ultimate California Pizza is a local chain, but the Game Zone is a step above the other
locations. Featuring games ranging from old-school Skeeball to today’s high-tech interactive
toys, UCP Game Zone gives kids, both big and small, a fun place to play and enjoy some pizza.
Play for tickets and redeem them for a souvenir.

Ulitmata California Pizza Game Zone Food

Ultimate California Pizza has an established reputation for serving excellent pizzas. With a
wide range of toppings to choose from, including all the traditional favorites and some
surprise options like filet mignon, shrimp, avocado and Habenaro peppers, visitors can build
their own dream pie or pick from a number of house specialties, such as the Big Kahuna
with the works. UCP also offers a nice selection of salads and starters, such as the flatbreads
with different toppings. Sandwiches, wraps and various pasta dishes are available, and kids
can order their own personal mini-pizzas, including a PBJ pie. Buy a combo card that
includes a meal and game credits.

Ultimate California Pizza Game Zone Atmosphere

Imagine fun house meets pizza parlor, with a bit of sports bar thrown in for good measure.
Video games and a laser-tag course make up the game room, while the dining area has a
festive, sports-oriented feel with flat-screen TVs and sports memorabilia on the walls. The
adults can slip off to the bar area for a break from the action.


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