Meathead Bros. Steel City Deli & Grill

7727 N. Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

This business has permanently closed
or is no longer in operation.
This business has permanently closed.
This business has permanently closed.
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About Meathead Bros. Steel City Deli & Grill

Meathead Bros. is permanently closed.

For a little taste of Pittsburgh, be sure to stop into Meathead Bros. Steel City Deli & Grill. You’ll notice the Pittsburgh feel as soon as you step through the doors. Steel tables and other industrial looking décor fill the seating area and an outline painting of the beautiful Pittsburgh skyline covers the entirety of the right wall. For specials and popular menu items, check out the chalkboard behind the register or sit down and take a look at the full menu.

Meathead Bros. Food

Anyone from Pittsburgh will be familiar with the type of food you’ll see on the Meathead Bros. menu.  The “Steel City” sandwich is their homage to the beloved Primanti Bros sandwiches, topped with fresh Boar’s Head deli meat, cheese, slaw and fresh cut fries. (Being a Pittsburgher myself, I can tell you it’s pretty darn close to the real deal… and their fries actually taste more like Potato Patch fries than Primanti’s fries.) You’ll find plenty of other Pittsburgh tributes on the menu like the Polish Hill Pizza, North Park Shroom Burger, and the Carnegie Sandwich.

Meathead Bros. serves up a wide variety of deli sandwiches, paninis, burgers, hoagies, pizza and more. And they stay true to ‘Burgh form, only serving Heinz ketchup!


Meathead Bros. Atmosphere

Anyone staying at The Caravelle, Ocean Reef Resort, Long Bay Resort or basically anywhere between 62nd and 79th in Myrtle Beach will probably be shopping at the Food Lion and Fresh Market grocery stores near 76th Ave. and N. Kings Highway. Meathead Bros. Steel City Deli & Grill is located conveniently between the two.

You can enjoy the sun in their outside seating area, or head inside and appreciate the industrial theme matching the blue collar town associated with the eatery. If you’re vacationing from Pittsburgh and need that little taste of home, Meathead Bros in Myrtle Beach certainly won’t disappoint.

If you want to enjoy their food without leaving the hotel, don’t worry, Meathead Bros. delivers.


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