Moe’s Southwest Grill

181 Brookton Cir, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588     (843) 691-9245
About Moe’s Southwest Grill

Founded in Atlanta in 2000, this Southwest-style create-your-own meal restaurant has quickly established itself as one of the most popular of the concepts that fall into the fresh, fast, and casual category.

As you enter this eatery you’ll hear any number of employees yell “Welcome to Moe’s!”

That’s just what they do. And they really seem to mean it.

Moe’s Southwest Grill Food

The hardest part of the menu is deciding what you want to put your ingredients in. Moe’s is famous for their burritos, but that shouldn’t limit your decision since quesadillas, tacos, nachos, salads, burrito bowls, stacks, and kid’s options are also available.

Four stock burrito options are available in a flour or whole-grain tortilla – Chili Con Queso, Joey Bag of Donuts, The Homewrecker, Art Vandalay – and each comes with your choice of grass-fed steak, all-natural chicken, grain-fed pulled pork, 100% ground beef, or organic tofu. The menu items don’t differ drastically, and can be filled with your choice of rice, beans, veggies, and sauces.

Tacos come in flour or crispy corn shells, with options including Funk Meister, Unanimous Decision, and The Overachiever (vegetarian). The same deal goes for tacos – fill them up with any of the more than 20 fresh ingredients to suit your tastes.

If what you’ve ordered doesn’t look like quite enough food to fill you up, don’t worry, Moe’s sends out free chips and salsa with every order. Also available are handmade guacamole, all-natural sour cream, and Moe’s Famous Queso.

Moe’s Southwest Grill Atmosphere

Moe’s is known as a casual, fun, clean place to have a healthy meal. Seating options are mostly booths, and trendy hits from the past play through the overhead speakers. Once seated, it will soon become apparent that you are not exceptional as you hear “Welcome to Moe’s!” again and again and again.


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