Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes

 5.0 Avg. rating based on 32 reviews
840 Costa Verde Drive, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572     843- 449-8880
About Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes

Nestled on a private, oceanfront property in the exclusive Grande Dunes community, the Marriott Myrtle Beach Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes is the picture of luxury and relaxation in Myrtle Beach. Whatever you need to unwind on your vacation- from extensive spa services to plush bed linens to a poolside bar- you’ll find it at this Marriott resort. Amenities at the property include: User
Dolores Storey user
This was an excellent place to stay. The staff and the service were very good

Sudbury User
Megan S user

I had a great stay at Grande Dunes. The property is beautiful & clean. User
Julia Boykin user

Mini vacation with my husband, Joey. After 28 years of marriage we live to come her to rekindle the romance. User

Think it was just awesome

Karen Bryant user
Karen’s review of past hotels!!!!

Really nice hotel to stay in very clean and great staff.


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Hotel Highlights
  • Business center
  • Concierge services
  • Restaurant/lounge on site
  • Outdoor pool
  • Indoor pool
  • Hot tubs
  • Waterslide
  • Spa services
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