Bar Harbor Resort Myrtle Beach

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100 North Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577     (800) 334-2464
About Bar Harbor Resort Myrtle Beach

The Bar Harbor Resort features all oceanfront rooms with tasteful decor and the comforts of home, including a kitchenette with microwave, stove and refrigerator.

Options include one-, two-, and three-bedroom efficiencies all with queen beds, and most feature private balconies. The Bar Harbor is also pet-friendly, allowing one dog per room for a $10 per night pet fee. Dogs must be under 30 pounds or less than 18 inches tall. “Aggressive” breeds (i.e. rottweilers, pit bulls, dobermans, boxers, German shepherds and chows) are not allowed.

Guests at Bar Harbor can enjoy the oceanfront pool and kiddie pool, oceanfront sun deck and lawn in the summer months or take a dip in the indoor pool year-round.

Around Bar Harbor in Myrtle Beach

Bar Harbor Resort is just two blocks north of the Family Kingdom amusement park, which features a variety of rides, including the wooden Swamp Fox roller coaster as well as kiddie rides, a ferris wheel, log flume and oceanfront water park. Just north of Bar Harbor is the Second Avenue Pier, which has a full-service restaurant and open-air bar in addition to the fishing pier. The Second Avenue Pier is at the end of the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, which stretches north for over a mile and is home to numerous restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. The Myrtle Beach Skywheel is also located on the Boardwalk.

guy arnold user
bar harbor

very nice place to stay very clean rooms and i would stay there again User
Patricia Van Horn user

Rocky Mount We stay there at least 2 times a year. The staff was great especially Janice and Lena. It was clean and the price was great. User
Patricia Van Horn user

Rocky Mount NC This is a great place to stay. The entire staff is wonderful and will help in any way they can especially Janice. User
James tate user

I have stayed at bar harbor couple times and the staff was great .The rooms are spacious and clean

Sheila O'Neal user
Great budget friendly hotel

My husband and I have stayed there a few times and we were never disappointed. Clean rooms & the staff are really nice.


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