Hotel Blue is close to tons of great restaurants and attractions!
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Around Your Hotel: Hotel Blue

September 19, 2017

Hotel Blue is located in the heart of Myrtle Beach and is surrounded by plenty of things to do and see in the downtown district. Whether you’re looking for a nice night out for dinner or to grab some hot food on the run, or if you’re looking to hit some of the local hot spots or just pick up a few items from the store, you’re just steps away from it all:

* Casual dining: There may be more seafood within walking distance of your hotel than there is in the ocean off your balcony. For fresh catches, crab legs and more, check out Shiver Me Pinchers and the Noizy Oyster, which also offer plenty of cold drinks to wash the seafood down. For those looking to fill up on seafood, Captain Benjamin’s serves a bountiful buffet of Calabash-style seafood. Other nearby dining options include El Cerro Grande, Thorny’s, and Villa Romana.

* Fast food: You might have to drive 500 miles to the City of Brotherly Love to find another Philly cheesesteak like the serve up at the Best of Philly. This small sandwich shack makes the best steak sandwiches this side of Philly, and also makes other hot sandwiches that keep people lined up outside the door and coming back for more. Also check out Godfather’s Pizza, Donut Man, Wok Express, Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Baskin Robbins, Burger King and Hardees. 

* Attractions: Hotel Blue is just steps away from Myrtle Beach’s No. 1 amusement park, Family Kingdom and the Splashes Water Park. Ride the slides and splash around during the day, then hit the roller coasters and other thrill rides at night. The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is about seven blocks to the north but well worth the trip, and Jungle Lagoon provides world-class miniature golf for those wanting to putt around a bit. And of course, Ocean Boulevard is an attraction all to itself.

* Shopping – Ocean Boulevard is loaded with unique shops and stores, but there are also plenty of options for visitors who need to pick up some common items, such as CVS, Walgreens and Dollar General on Kings Highway. Also on the main drag are countless beachwear stores, such as Wings and Eagles, and there’s a small convenience store just across the street from the hotel to grab some snacks and cold beer.

* Bars: Pop’s Place has pulled off the rare trick of a neighborhood pub in the heart of the tourist traffic. Its modest decor and friendly employees give the feel of a place you might hang out at home just one block from the beach. Billiards tables and other games give patrons a place to kill some time, and the outdoor deck provides a unique view of the bustling downtown, the beach and Family Kingdom. Also, Loco Gecko Beach Shak serves cold drinks, pizza, burgers and more .