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300 S Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577     (843) 626-3447
About Family Kingdom

Where can you have a blast and make a splash in the heart of the downtown Myrtle Beach district? Only at Family Kingdom Amusement Park and Water Park the only oceanfront attractions of their type on the Grand Strand.

Located just across Ocean Boulevard from one another, the Family Kingdom Amusement Park and Water Park provide visitors with a choice of high-flying thrill rides or wet-and-wild waterslides. Of course, the best option is both, allowing guests to cool off at Splashes Water Park by day and get the adrenaline pumping at Family Kingdom Amusement Park by night, or vice versa. Special discounts are available for those who prefer to hop between both parks.

At Family Kingdom Amusement Park, guests will find more than 35 rides ranging from kiddie attractions to spine-chilling thrill rides. The historic Swamp Fox wooden roller coaster is popular among repeat visitors looking to take a hair-rising ride down memory lane, while the modern, steel Twist ‘N Shout roller coaster is one of six new rides unveiled since 2013.

Other recent additions include the Slingshot DropZone, which drops passengers to a 110-foot freefall, and the Kite Flyer, which lets guests soar through the sky in Superman style. The 2014 season welcomes the new Dune Buggies and Magic Bikes, and the Frog Hopper and Flight School rides are designed with the little ones in mind.

Just across the Boulevard, Splashes Water Park offers guests the chance to zip down the twisting Flume Slides and zoom down the towering Speed Slides before splashing down into the cool landing pools. Smaller slides and a kiddie aquatic playground are available for the smaller set and a huge Lazy River allows the less brave a relaxing change of pace.

Unlike other amusement and water parks in the area, admission to both Family Kingdom attractions is free so parents or grandparents who want to come along for the fun but not the rides can join in the family activities. All-day passes to either or both parks are available and varying armbands allow for limited or unlimited rides to meet each guests needs.



Family Kingdom Reviews

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Steve H user

Great old time amusement park

Pam M user
Wild rides

Like that only the ones getting on rides pay I can't ride anything without getting sick and my husband too but the kids and grandkids ride everything the place is very very clean

lashon c user
title fine

was fun didnt stay long my daughter was getting sleepy

Jane Wood user
Survey Gizmo Review

Good for smaller kids but not enough for older ones

Patricia H user
Sucky things not to be a fool and do again

I've been to better traveling carnivals was a total rip off and won't even think about encouraging any one what a rip off totally regretted spending the money and time one big disappointment


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