The Beach

10 Awesome Historic Myrtle Beach Postcards You Have to See!

November 24, 2015

For more than 75 years Myrtle Beach has been a vacation destination people wanted to write home about. And for many years, a large portion of the visitors who came to see the amazing beaches of the Grand Strand did just that — they wrote home to friends and family, sending postcards to let their loved ones know how fabulous their trip was.

In fact, throughout the early and middle portion of the 20th century, sending postcards was such big business, that entire shops and businesses were created to print and sell postcards, keeping visitors supplied with tens of thousands of wonderful, dreamy shots of local beaches and attractions.

Though the practice of exchanging postcards has mostly been discarded in today's always-connected world in favor of e-mail, text messages and social media status updates, the amazing visuals and rosy memories of these snail-mail relics live on.

To pay homage to this forgotten tradition, has decided to brush the dust off some old boxes of postcards published in the early and mid-1960s by the Brandon-Plyler Sales Co. (the great-grandfather of our own company, created by notable locals Cecil Brandon and Justin Plyler) and publish them online in a series called “Historic Postcards.”

Here's a look at 10 of our favorites from this collection. To see more visit the photos galleries page or click the link under any photo below: