I Love Sugar

919 N Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577  •   (843) 712-1740

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About I Love Sugar

Visitors to this Ocean Boulevard wonderland of a store will have no confusion about what they’re walking into – despite the name, bright lights blast down onto vividly-colored boxes that couldn’t possibly be anything other than candy.

Welcome to I Love Candy, a mega-store of sugar if there ever was one. Here you’ll find tens of thousands of gummy bears hanging in an installation from the ceiling, hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of jelly beans lining one of the walls, and more or less any other kind of candy you can think of – Reese’s, Snickers, Mike & Ike, York, you name it.

They also serve numerous unique flavors of ice cream and gelato, essentially injecting various candies into the rich, cold cream to create a new level of deliciousness. 

If you’re on the boulevard, you can’t miss the place – it’s an extremely well-lit, contemporarily-designed storefront across from the SkyWheel and next to the various Ripley’s attractions.

And whether you go in and partake or not will say as much about your self-control as it will your undying love of sugar.


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