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The Cheapest Month To Be in Myrtle Beach

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The Cheapest Month To Be in Myrtle Beach

December, January, and February are the cheapest months in Myrtle Beach for lodging and attractions, but with our tips, you aren’t limited to winter travel. We’ve already cracked the code on the best month to visit the beach: October is when the cost, crowds, activities, and temperatures offer more pros than cons. But, June, July, and August are the months with the best weather in Myrtle Beach, and if that’s your main draw, there are ways to build a budget-friendly vacation itinerary in the summer too. When you want a stellar getaway that doesn’t empty your wallet, smart travel choices can lead to the cheapest weekends in Myrtle Beach.

Cheap Hotels in Myrtle Beach

Winter is the off-season in Myrtle Beach, and because lower occupancies drive the hotel rates down, December, January, and February are some of the cheapest months for trips to the Grand Strand. If you’ve had your eye on luxury resorts in Myrtle Beach, visit during the winter to treat yourself to the best accommodations around. But off-peak months aren’t the only times resorts won’t break your budget. Look for deals to book hotels for cheap in Myrtle Beach during the high season or anytime. These discounted reservations often come with perks like tickets to musical shows or complimentary hotel breakfasts.

Cheap Flights To & From Myrtle Beach

You can’t enjoy a budget-friendly vacation if you can’t afford to get here. Luckily, cheap non-stop flights to Myrtle Beach are offered from many destinations. Booking with low-cost, no-frills airlines and switching up the airport you fly from can help keep travel costs low. Getting the cheapest rental car the Myrtle Beach airport offers can also offset the cost of rideshares and give you more options for fun, like taking day trips from Myrtle Beach. Visitors hailing from within driving distance skip the airfare and rental car costs, and if you combine driving there yourself with a cheap hotel room and coupons for Grand Strand attractions, your vacation could be one of the cheapest weekends you’ll spend in Myrtle Beach. 

Selecting the Grand Strand for an inexpensive getaway seems like a no-brainer because it is. Myrtle Beach is cheaper than most coastal destinations, including Florida, where single-day admission to a theme park can be more expensive than a full day of fun in the Grand Strand. Budget-conscious travelers can create an inexpensive itinerary because there are so many free things to do in Myrtle Beach and low-cost places to hang out. Grab a cheap beer at a budget bar, dine at restaurants where kids eat free or cheap, spend the day at a coin-operated arcade, or go out to venues with free live music

Let us help you plan your vacation to Myrtle Beach to get the best hotel rates and discounts on must-visit attractions to enjoy your time in the Grand Strand without overspending.