Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Myrtle Beach Rental Car Services

Cruise the beach with Myrtle Beach rental cars

With an increasing number of direct flights to Myrtle Beach International Airport being added all the time, more and more visitors are taking advantage of the convenience of air travel when coming to the beach.

That said, Myrtle Beach is not a major metropolitan area — there are no subways and trains here, and the buses are limited and few. Sure, you can take a cab everywhere if you want, but that gets expensive quick. Luckily, several rental car services await ride-less vacationers upon landing. To get the best deals, try to book your vehicle in advance.

But if you forgot to, no worries — one of these companies will be sure to have you covered. Each company is open seven days a week, but keep in mind that, like most things in Myrtle Beach, the counter hours may vary in the winter.