Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Closed: This business has permanently closed or is no longer in operation.

Ripley’s Moving Theater

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915 N Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577   
(843) 448 - 2331

About Ripley’s Moving Theater

Undergo a real “moving” experience on your Myrtle Beach vacation by taking a spin on Ripley’s Moving Theater. Located in the heart of the downtown district, this one-of-a-kind attraction is part theater and part thrill ride. And true to the Ripley’s name, the Moving Theater is sure to give guests a shot of adrenaline and a feeling of disbelief.

Utilizing high-tech special effects and computer graphics that have been used to produce award-winning movies such as “Avatar,” Ripley’s Moving Theater incorporates 5-D technology (yes, as in five dimensional) to deliver a hair-raising ride without leaving your seat. Ripley’s Moving Theater takes visitors on a futuristic ride on one of Myrtle Beach’s most historic blocks.

Surrounded by more traditional venues, like gift shops, ice cream parlors and several other Ripley’s attractions, the Moving Theater adds a modern twist to the neighborhood. Passengers are safely secured into their seats, which move along to the action on the big screen. Experience the virtual thrills of riding a roller coaster, racing motorcycles or driving snowmobiles over mountainous terrain while your body involuntarily reacts to all the action. Guests sit on the edge of their seat and hold on for dear life as the Moving Theater takes them for the ride of a lifetime.

Ripley’s Moving Theater offers a variety of new movies and proven favorites each summer as well as keeping the classics. For those with a weak stomach, the theater also offers non-moving films so visitors of all ages can experience the impressive technology first hand without going through the bumpy ride.

Featuring a 4-D virtual-reality simulator with a six-channel digital surround-sound system, Ripley’s state-of-the-art Motion Master system uses 70 millimeter film synched up to computer-controlled hydraulics that move the entire theater. Feel the rumble of souped-up engines on man-made vehicles and feel the roar of giant waterfalls and the power of nature as guests go splashing over the falls without getting wet.

Other Ripley’s attractions on the same block include the Haunted Adventure, Mirror Maze and the famed Believe It Or Not Museum. Guests can receive discounted admission by also purchasing tickets to other Ripley’s attractions in the area.