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Best Donut Shops in Myrtle Beach

By MyrtleBeach.com
August 28, 2014

Whether you’re looking for a breakfast goody in preparation for a day on the beach or for a sweet afternoon snack to round up your Myrtle Beach trip, the donut deserves to be at the top of your list. Here are a few of Myrtle Beach’s donut offerings to help keep your cravings in check.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is a donut favorite of the South. You can never go wrong with the traditional glazed donut, but Krispy Kreme’s donut selections include delightful frosted and filled donuts, as well as coffees and frozen drinks. Make sure to go when the Hot Now” sign is lit outside the storefront to show that the donuts have just come out of the oven. They’re melt-in-your-mouth incredible, so savor every last sugary flake.

Fractured Prune Doughnuts

Fractured Prune Doughnuts

Fractured Prune Doughnuts will bring to the beach a new kind of doughnut experience. Choose from some of their suggested specialty doughnuts, such as Key Lime Pie, Carnival, and Blueberry Hill. You can also create your own sweet masterpiece with one of their 19 glazes from Maple to Mint and one of their tasty toppings from cinnamon sugar to crumbled bacon. Don’t wait to try Fractured Prune’s doughnuts. Their growing shops scattered across the country attest to their doughnut making prowess, and Fractured Prune in Myrtle Beach is sure to be a delicious success!

The Donut Man

200 South Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

The Donut Man boasts a wide range of moist, cakey donuts that you can purchase inside the spacious shop or at the drive-thru for a quick donut fix. While donuts are their top sellers, the shop also offers a selection of sub sandwiches, smoothies, and ice creams. The Donut Man is open 24 hours a day, so it’s never too late (or too early) for the Donut Man to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Lulu's Donuts

Lulu's Donuts

Lulu’s Donuts is the perfect donut shop to pop into on a walk down Myrtle Beach’s famed Boulevard. Choose from a broad spectrum of unique donut treats in this brightly colored, open shop. With S’mores and PB&J flavored donuts to donuts decorated to look like beach scenes, Lulu’s offers food for the daring donut connoisseur and the art lover alike!

Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts

The Dunkin’ Donuts business is another popular place to nab a donut snack. Dunkin’ Donuts carries a wide variety of regular glazed and filled donuts, as well as their famous donut-holes. The shop also offers breakfast sandwiches and a selection of delicious coffees both hot and iced. Enjoy your donut delight in the familiar, happy pink and orange ambiance of one of America’s favorite donut shops.

The Trestle

308 Main Street, Conway, SC 29526

When you step inside The Trestle Bakery–an old-timey drug store turned bakery–the aromas of freshly baked cakes, pies, pastries, and donuts will wash warmly over you. The Trestle Bakery makes its own donuts daily, and they are fit to satisfy any donut desire. Munch on your donut with a coffee or hot tea, or take one to-go and save it to eat after your lunch at the bakery’s counterpart–The Trestle Cafe–just down the street!


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