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The 10 Best Songs about Myrtle Beach
From left, Sunny Ledfurd, J-Sneez, Alabama and The Fantastic Shakers have made some of the best songs about Myrtle Beach.

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The 10 Best Songs about Myrtle Beach

From the earliest days of soulful R&B groups performing for visitors to the golden era of rock ‘n’ roll to the modern day mix of rock, hip-hop and electronic tunes you hear pumping out of car cruising the boulevard, music in Myrtle Beach has always been a big part of the experience.

As the birthplace of Carolina Beach Music, our area draws a steady stream of shag dancers looking to throw back time and enjoy hits of the past as well as celebrate the current laid-back culture. And it doesn’t end there — the history of Myrtle Beach music includes an ample helping of everything you can think of including southern Gospel, classic rock, downhome country, underground punk rock and lots and lots of great cover tunes.

If you need evidence that the Myrtle Beach music scene is alive and well, all you have to do is stroll down the oceanfront to catch the sounds of many live musicians on any given night or look no further than great venues like the House of Blues, The Bowery and The Boathouse for live music of all kinds.

Thanks to this strong musical presence and the millions of visitors, over the years we have racked up quite a few admirers — musicians who were inspired by our beachy vibes and cool summer nights to create songs about the Myrtle Beach area.

Here’s a look at our Top 10 Songs About Myrtle Beach:


10. “Myrtle Beach” by Triggerfish


A mix of late 1990s alternative rock and pop rock, this 2006 tune recorded by S.C. native Jeremy Scruggs and his now-defunct band Triggerifsh is a fun depiction of vacationing in Myrtle Beach. It seems to capture both the good and the bad of a trip to the beach with a bit of punk rock sensibility that simultaneously laments the boulevard traffic and the fact that things never seem to change here while also professing “I love Myrtle Beach on a Friday Night!” Overall it’s a catchy little tune worth checking out.


9. “Carolina Girls” by Chairmen of the Board


If this song were specifically about Myrtle Beach it may just make the top of our list, but as is this famous ode to southern belles in the Carolinas is still a top-notch tune for getting you in the mood for a trip here. Originally recorded as a single by iconic R&B singer General Johnson, the song never topped the charts but has only grown in popularity throughout North and South Carolina over the past several decades. Though Johnson passed away in 2010, you can still expect to hear this tune performed by any of the dozens of great bands performing at beach and shag clubs across the Grand Strand.


8. “Myrtle Beach” by Big G


Sweet, soulful and full on beachy fun, this track by Richmond, Va., singer Big G professes its undying love for the Myrtle Beach area from the start. Sure to be popular with the Rhythm & Blues and Beach music crowds, this track is perfectly suited for a night of shag dancing or simply just cruising the strip and hanging with your baby close to you on the beach.


7. “Down At Myrtle Beach” by J.D. Cash


Released in 2001 on his album “Summer Place” this beach music anthem builds slow, but picks up into a synthy, upbeat love letter to the endless summers of days gone by at the beach. Crooning “Bring Back the Memories/Down at Myrtle Beach” Cash shows the chops that have made him one of the most enduring stars of the Carolina Beach Music scene over a career spanning 50 years. Even with a resume of endless regional hits and Beach Music awards, you can still find Cash doing his thing spinning Beach music favorites and other tunes regularly at 2001 Entertainment Complex in Myrtle Beach.


6. “Myrtle Beach” by J-Sneez


This is one of the few songs that really spreads love to the entire Grand Strand from Conway to Pawleys Island and everywhere in between. Produced by Socastee-bred rapper J-Sneez, this hometown anthem shouts out everyone in the 843 area code while speaking on the finer points of laid-back beach life from cruisin’ the boulevard to chillin’ at Broadway and beyond. Featuring an awesomely low budget video shot at some great landmarks around town, this one’s not well known but it’s a “must-listen” for sure.


5. “Ocean Boulevard” by Band of Oz


Devoted to one of the most important cultural traditions of being at the beach, this song pays homage to the Grand Strand’s most famous stretch of road. Released in 1995, the throwback sound of track may sound a little dated, but its message remains timeless. There’s nothing like cruisin’ the strip and taking in the sights and sounds of happy, barefooted crowds of folks with sand between their toes and Band of Oz paints this picture perfectly.


4. “19 You + Me” by Dan & Shay


This soaring, sweet track about young love and summer flings at the beach was the first breakthrough hit for up-and-coming country duo Dan + Shay in 2013. Released that fall, it was one of the most added debut tracks of the year and capped off in popularity last summer with the release of its video shot on location around Myrtle Beach at places including the historic Myrtle Beach train depot, Fun Plaza arcade and the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk.


3. “Shaggin’ on the Boulevard” by Alabama


The most famous musical export of the area has ever seen, country music hall of famers Alabama pay homage to their roots as a Myrtle Beach bar band with this 1993 hit single. Name dropping a slew of now-defunct icons including the Magic Attic, Mother Fletcher’s, Sloppy Joe’s and the Sun Fun Festival this track is the perfect throwback to what many consider the glory days of the Grand Strand. The video not only features some awesome shag dancing and shots of the old Pavilion Amusement Park but also a ton of glorious 90s hairstyles and clothing.


2. “Myrtle Beach” by Sunny Ledfurd


Though the explicit lyrics may be enough to turn some old-school Myrtle Beach visitors off, those unphased by a few GD’s and MF’s are likely to fall in love with this popular beach anthem. Recorded in 2007 by Cramerton, N.C., native Sunny Ledfurd, this track is perhaps the best assessment of what a trip to Myrtle Beach is really like, complete with airbrushed T-shirts, rednecks, late nights, beer and plenty of Calabash-style shrimp. Among tons of great lines throughout “I’m gonna miss the Pavilion when I get there…” is an absolute classic that will have you playing this one on repeat.


1. “Myrtle Beach Days” by Fantastic Shakers


This iconic Myrtle Beach tune is one of the most fun and influential Carolina Beach Music songs of all-time. Recorded more than three decades ago, the Fantastic Shakers local anthem has held up to the test of time and remains as perfect a representation of the spirit of vacationing on the Grand Strand as you’ll find anywhere.

Honorable Mention

Looking for even more Myrtle Beach-themed songs to bolster your beach playlist this summer season? Here’s a few others we’ve rounded up from across the Internet:

  • “Carolina Rain” by Charlie Floyd – Nostalgic tune about coming home to the Carolinas from homegrown Myrtle Beach country music talent Charlie Floyd. Listen

  • “Carolina Mess” by Ten Toes Up – Soulful tune about a summer fling gone wrong by a local Blues Rock act Ten Toes Up. Listen

  • “The Great North Myrtle Beach Pancake Massacre” by Kevin Kinney – Instrumental Blues track with a great groove and even better title. Click here

  • “Myrtle Beach Y’all” by Dopplegangsta – Amped up party track by a duo of hip-hoppers out of Knoxville, Tenn.  Click here

  • “Old Myrtle Beach Tonight” by 21st Schizoid Man – Hard-edged rock tune about a bender filled with debauchery in Myrtle Beach. Click here

  • “Myrtle Beach Bound” by Michael Funderburk – Kitschy little ‘Redneck Rock’ track about cruisin’ down to the beach and the landmarks along the way.  Click here

  • “Days Like These” – This horribly catchy tune is featured in the commercials being run this summer by the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce. Click here

  • “Myrtle’s Coming Up” – An awesomely low-budget parody of Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk” produced by Facebook fan John Kelly. Click here

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