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Beach Access & Wheelchair Rentals in Myrtle Beach

Beach wheelchair rentals make it possible for any Myrtle Beach resident or vacationer with mobility impairment to enjoy time on the shore. Because standard wheelchairs do not travel well over sand, you’ll want to find a beach wheelchair rental in the area. 

The Grand Strand offers many places to rent a wheelchair for beach days. When planning your visit, get to know what’s available for accessibility assistance, and use this guide to learn rental options and accessible beaches in the area to make your vacation to Myrtle Beach enjoyable for everyone in your party.

The city of Myrtle Beach has suspended their wheelchair rental services, but many other third-party companies provide beach wheelchairs at a daily or weekly rate. The fees are determined by each company and are not associated with the city of Myrtle Beach. Here are two options in the area offering beach-going wheelchair rentals: 

Wheelchairs & Scooter Rentals of Myrtle Beach
1138 Celebrity Circle, Myrtle Beach SC 29577

Mobility Center
7741 N. Kings Hwy., Suite C, Myrtle Beach SC 29572

Accessible Parking in Myrtle Beach

Any vehicle displaying a valid Handicap Placard, Purple Heart, Disabled American Veterans, or Medal of Honor license tag or official hang tag may park for free at any public meter in South Carolina. Many of the beach lots also provide reserved handicap spaces for these patrons.

Wheelchair Accessible Beach Accesses in Myrtle Beach

There are plenty of access points to make the most of your sand wheelchair rental. Myrtle Beach offers 114 public beach access points (including street ends, parks, and other points) with more than 30 ADA-accessible locations. This list orders these accesses from south to north. The asterisk (*) indicates beach access ramps only, all others are fully accessible. 

  • 29th Avenue South 

  • 27th Avenue South  *

  • 24th Avenue South *

  • Hurl Rock Park at 20th Avenue South 

  • 1809 South Ocean Boulevard *

  • 1703 South Ocean Boulevard 

  • 16th Avenue South *

  • 15th Avenue South *

  • 12th Avenue South *

  • 10th Avenue South *

  • 9th Avenue South *

  • 3rd Avenue South 

  • 1st Avenue North *

  • 2nd Avenue North 

  • 4th Avenue North *

  • 7th Avenue North *

  • Plyler Park *

  • 13th Avenue North *

  • 16th Avenue North *

  • 1802 North Ocean Boulevard *

  • Anderson Park *

  • 25th Avenue North *

  • 31st Avenue North *

  • 38th Avenue North 

  • 41st Avenue North 

  • 44th Avenue North *

  • Gardens by the Sea, 5400 North Ocean Boulevard 

  • Seaside Place *

  • 64th Avenue North 

  • 69th Avenue North *

  • 70th Avenue North *

North Myrtle Beach Wheelchair Rentals for the Beach

North Myrtle Beach is one of the best places to rent a beach wheelchair because the rentals are offered free of charge through the Parks & Rec Beach Services. These reservations are not available outside the city limits of North Myrtle Beach.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to rent beach wheelchairs ahead of time, up to one year in advance. The maximum duration for sand wheelchair rentals is one week at a time. Contact Beach Services at 843-280-5684 Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. to schedule your rental. Delivery and pickup are available for $25 per service during the summer season. 

Equipment will also be available for pickup at the Beach Services Warehouse at 1024 6th Avenue South in North Myrtle Beach. A large vehicle (SUV, van, or pickup truck) is required to transport a rented beach wheelchair, or you may arrange for delivery when you reserve it.

North Myrtle Beach Wheelchair Accessible Beach Accesses

North Myrtle Beach offers 140 public beach access points, with nearly 50 wheelchair-accessible locations. Beach access mats have been installed at 5 locations (noted below) to aid in easier mobility, but if you’d like to venture beyond the mats, look into a beach wheelchair rental. 

Check out these wheelchair-friendly beach access points in the neighborhoods of Cherry Grove, Ocean Drive, Crescent Beach, and Windy Hill in North Myrtle Beach: 

Cherry Grove:

  • The Point in Cherry Grove

  • 6210 North Ocean Blvd

  • 61st Avenue North

  • 6000 North Ocean Blvd

  • 59th Avenue North

  • 56th Avenue North

  • 55th Avenue North

  • 53rd Avenue North

  • 5104 North Ocean Blvd

  • 50th Avenue North

  • 4200 North Ocean Blvd – Beach Access Mat

  • 39th Avenue North

  • 3512 North Ocean Blvd

  • Sea Mountain Highway End

  • 22nd Avenue North

Ocean Drive:

  • Shorehaven Street End – Beach Access Mat

  • 18th Avenue North

  • 17th Avenue North

  • 15th Avenue North

  • 12th Avenue North

  • 10th Avenue North

  • 8th Avenue North

  • 7th Avenue North

  • 4th Avenue North

  • Main Street

  • 2nd Avenue South

  • 3rd Avenue South

  • 4th Avenue South

  • 6th Avenue South – Beach Access Mat

  • 7th Avenue South

  • 9th Avenue South

  • 10th Avenue South

  • 1319 South Ocean Blvd

Crescent Beach:

  • 14th Avenue South

  • 16th Avenue South

  • 17th Avenue South

  • 18th Avenue South

  • 20th Avenue South

  • 21st Avenue South

  • 23rd Avenue South

  • 25th Avenue South

  • 27th Avenue South

Windy Hill:

  • 33rd Avenue South – Beach Access Mat

  • 34th Avenue South – Beach Access Mat

  • 3751 South Ocean Blvd

  • 39th Avenue South

  • 45th Avenue South

  • 46th Avenue South

Beach Wheelchair Rentals in Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach is another popular area just south of Myrtle Beach that offers sand wheelchair rentals. There is no cost to borrow wheelchairs in Surfside Beach, but non-residents or property owners must be staying in the town to qualify for the free loaner. 

To rent a beach wheelchair, contact the Police Department at 843-913-6368 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. They also require a photo ID when picking up the rental. The department is located at 811 Pine Drive in Surfside Beach.

Surfside Beach Wheelchair Accessible Beaches

The town of Surfside Beach has 36 access points for beachgoers, and 4 of these provide wheelchair access to get the most out of your beach wheelchair rental. The 3rd Avenue North location has a wheelchair mat in place for ease of use. 

Check out these wheelchair-friendly beach access points:

  • 3rd Avenue North

  • Surfside Pier

  • 13th Avenue South

  • Melody Lane

We hope this helps everyone get out and enjoy a great Myrtle Beach vacation, regardless of physical abilities. For those seeking equipment rentals for non-beach terrain, there are many rental places throughout Myrtle Beach. Broadway at the Beach also features a wheelchair rental kiosk (spring and summer) or you may arrange pickup or delivery of manual or motorized mobility equipment by calling 843-446-8723.

The shopping and entertainment centers at Barefoot Landing and Market Common also offer complimentary manual wheelchairs to use while you’re browsing each area.