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5 Rules For Condo Rental Etiquette
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5 Rules For Condo Rental Etiquette

Renting a condo for your Myrtle Beach vacation is a bit different than staying in a hotel so we’ve put together a list of 5 rules to help you understand the etiquette. If you have decided that a condo is the best fit for you, check out all of the Myrtle Beach condos and condo rental companies we have available.

#1. Be Courteous
When you rent a condo, it is usually owned by a person or family who has spent the time to furnish and decorate. Though they rent their condo, many owners see it as their vacation home. Be courteous and treat the condo like it is someone’s home. Some condo owners have had issues with renters moving furniture around and even taking things like batteries and dry erase boards that the owners had purchased. Remember, the things in the condo when you arrive are not yours to take, and if you move something, put it back before you leave. When you rent a condo, always keep in mind the Golden Rule “treat others as you would like to be treated”, or in this case “Treat the condo you rent as if you were its owner.”

#2. Know what to bring
Condo rentals are not uniform like hotel rooms. As stated before, many of these condos are individually owned so the owners provide any supplies, much like you would in your own home. Some condos may not include bedding, toilet paper, soap, shampoo and other basic necessities. When inquiring about a vacation condo rental, be sure to ask the owner or rental company what amenities are already included and what you will need to supply yourself.

#3. Inventory
When you arrive at the rented condo, take a look around to see what is available to you. Sometimes there will be leftover food items or other supplies from previous guests. There may also be toiletries left there that you may choose to use or not use. Take an inventory of what’s available, and make a shopping list of the things you still need. Please continue to follow Rule #1. Be Courteous, and if you use any of the leftover supplies, replace them before you leave. If you break something while you are renting the condo, you should replace it. Contact the owner or Condo Rental company to determine fair compensation for any broken items.

#4. Ask Questions
Before you choose a condo to rent for your vacation, ask the condo rental company or owner questions so you aren’t caught off-guard. Ask about any additional fees that may be included, such as a cleaning fee. Some condo rentals build the cleaning fee into your total, but others do not so make sure you know everything you are being billed for prior to booking. As mentioned earlier, don’t forget to ask questions about what’s included. No one wants to show up to their condo and have no sheets to sleep on!

#5. Share Your Experience
It’s always helpful to read reviews on condos or condo rental companies so you can get a general idea of other people’s experiences. That being said, by writing a review of your stay, you are helping other potential vacationers. If you had a terrible experience, or were hit with some unexpected charges, leave a review and let others know. If you had a fantastic experience and would definitely rent the condo again, leave a review and let others know. Typically, there are far more negative reviews out there than positive ones. People who have had bad experiences like to vent about them, and will usually do that online. Because of this, some easily irritable people may make a beautiful condo rental seem bad. If you thoroughly enjoy your experience at a condo, please let others know. Your positive review could help someone else have a vacation as enjoyable as yours.