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Myrtle Beach things to do: Beach games
Cornhole and Washers are perfect beach games for Myrtle Beach visitors

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Myrtle Beach things to do: Beach games

A day at the beach on your Myrtle Beach vacation can be much more than just soaking up the rays. In addition to the many things to do in Myrtle Beach, you can use your imagination to create some beach games of your own or use our list of fantastic ways to keep the kids of any age (and you!) occupied the whole day through. Just be sure to stock up on the sunscreen before heading out for the day!

Kids activities in Myrtle Beach

There are tons of activities for older kids to do right in front of your Myrtle Beach hotel or resort. Paddle Ball, Frisbee and Kite flying are great for kids of all ages and can be found almost anywhere in Grand Strand stores from beach stores to grocery stores.

One exciting game for the big kids to play is a Scavenger Hunt! Parents- make a list of sea creatures, shells, rocks and anything beach related to have the kids find. Whoever can collect the most items from the list can be declared the “Top Treasure Seeker!” Their prize can be their favorite item that any of their competitors collected.

Beach games for smaller children

Smaller kids are content just digging around in the white sand but there are plenty of games for them too!

Create some family friendly competition with a quick and easy set-up. All you need are two buckets of the same size and even teams of at least 2 or more. Place the buckets about ten feet from the shore and get ready to run!

Each team sends a player to the water to gather as much water in their hands as possible and drop it into their team’s bucket. The first team to fill their bucket wins!

Big-kid and adult games on the beach

A day without the kids on the beach can be like a day at the spa. But if you’re ready to get in on the action, try a game like the ones listed below.

They’re the perfect games (and only require one hand so your other is free for a frosty beach beverage!) for a day at the beach.

Bocce –

Bocce is a popular beach game among all ages. To play bocce each player/team gets 4 balls of the same color. There is one smaller white ball called a pallino. One team will start the game by tossing the pallino. The player tossing the pallino also gets the first roll. The second team will follow trying to get their bocce ball closer to the pallino than the first team. Remaining turns will be taken by the player/team whose ball is furthest from the pallino. The winner is decided by which team has the most number of bocce balls closest to the pallino. Some people shoot to get close while others will shoot to try and knock the pallino into a more favorable position for their team. While this game is technically supposed to be played on a defined court, you can make it work in virtually any open space on the beach. Bocce sets can be purchased at Target, Wal-Mart, and virtually every corner beachwear store.

Cornhole –

Cornhole is known as more of a tailgating type of game but it works well on the beach. This game requires two angled boards set about 20 feet apart, with a hole just above the center of each board. Each player/team gets four bags, which are typically full of rice or sand. Players take turns trying to get their bags into the hole or at least on the board. Getting the bag in the hole is worth 3 points, and a bag on the board is worth 1 point. Once teams are done throwing, add up points from bags in the hole and those remaining on the board at the end of the round. If one team outscores the other, they are given points for the difference in score. The first team to reach or exceed 21 points is the winner. The sea breeze adds a little difficulty to the normal proceedings so if you’re playing with younger children you may want to move the boards closer together. Many people make their own boards and bags, but sets can also be purchased at sporting goods stores, and many of the beach stores around town.

Washers –

Washers is a great little game that is easier to transport to the beach than some of the others. This game requires two wooden boxes with a cup secured in the center of each box and a set of colored washers for each team. Boxes are placed about 15-20 feet apart. Each player/team will take turns throwing their washers into the box. Getting your washer in the center cup is worth 3 points and everywhere else in the box is worth 1 point. Washers uses elimination scoring like cornhole and Myrtle Ball. The first player/team to reach 21 is the winner. I’ve also played versions that use a backboard with a hook. Hooking the washer on the backboard is an automatic win regardless of the current score. If you want to play washers on the beach, I recommend putting the boxes on towels to catch any stray shots. Sometimes the washer gets buried in the sand and can be difficult to find. I’ve seen these for sale at Wal-Mart, but there are also many online retailers if you don’t want to make your own.

Myrtle Ball –

Myrtle Ball was developed in Myrtle Beach, SC and is a great beach game. It is a blend of cornhole and bocce. You can buy Myrtle Ball sets online or you could use your bocce set and two different sized beach buckets. Start by digging two holes about 12 inches apart and place the buckets inside the holes. Make sure the tops of the buckets are level with the sand. Next you will dig out a moat behind the buckets and on each side to catch stray throws. Each player/team will take turns rolling their balls into the buckets. The larger bucket is worth 1 point and the smaller bucket is worth 3. The game uses cancellation scoring just like cornhole. 

Ladder Ball –

Ladder Ball or Ladder Toss is another game played mainly around tailgates but also translates well on the beach. Ladder Ball sets can be purchased in sporting goods stores, beach stores, as well as Wal-Mart and Target. If you’re inner craftsman comes out you could even build your own with some PVC pipe, golf balls, a drill and some rope. Ladder Ball requires two ladders with 3 rungs on each ladder. Each team will get 3 bolas (rope with a ball at either end). The object is to get your bolas wrapped around the rungs of the ladder. For the purposes of this article I’ll give one scoring method even though people tend to score this game differently. Getting the bola wrapped around the top rung is worth 3, middle rung 2 and bottom rung 1. Getting a bola on each rung in one turn is worth 10 points. The first player/team to 21 or more points is the winner. If you plan on playing this game on the beach, find a flat area or anchor your ladders in the sand so they are level.

Mega Pong –

I call this game Mega Pong because I’ve never heard anyone actually give it a name. While it’s not very easy to transport, Mega Pong is an awesome beach game if you have enough space around you. You’ll need to go to a hardware store and buy twelve 5-gallon buckets. You will also need at least 2 softballs (or tennis balls). It’s played just like beer pong but on a much larger scale. Each team will set up 6 buckets in a pyramid shape with the single bucket facing the opponent.  Each teammate will shoot their softball and try to make it into their opponent’s buckets. If a shot is made, the bucket is removed. If each teammate makes their shot, they both get to shoot again. Once a team’s buckets are eliminated, the game is over. 

Beach Game Rentals

Sometimes it can be a hassle to travel with beach games. Cornhole boards and Washer sets can take up a lot of room in your vehicle. Even if you purchase them at the beach, you still need to make room for them on the way home. Lucky for you, Myrtle Beach Game Rentals offers game rentals so you don’t need to bring your own equipment. They offer daily, weekend and weekly rentals for both cornhole boards and washer sets. Whether you want the games delivered to your hotel room, or brought right down to your spot on the beach, Myrtle Beach Game Rentals will accommodate your needs. If you mention this article, they will even offer 10% off your rental! Call (843) 206-0008 or visit for more information.

Beach Volleyball is a great way to get your exercise, while still having a blast! There are plenty of nets set up along the beaches and almost always people ready for some friendly competition.

The beach is the perfect place to spend your Myrtle Beach vacation, whether you’re on a romantic honeymoon or with the whole family. There are tons of fun games for all ages- it’s just up to you to create your favorites!