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Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving

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Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving

Recently I spoke with Jordan from Coastal Scuba in North Myrtle Beach about where vacationers can experience the best Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving. Here is some of the info I got from our Q&A session:


Q: Tell me a little bit about Scuba diving in Myrtle Beach. Are there many options around here?

A: There are actually several dive locations right off the coast. Coastal Scuba goes to 14 different locations around North Myrtle Beach alone.

A little research on their website shows that they definitely have some really cool dive sites around Myrtle Beach. There are quite a few sunken ships out there like “The Sherman”, a 120 year old post-Civil War wreck, or “The Hebe and St. Cathan”, the site of a 1942 collision of these vessels. All of these wreckage sites are now teeming with marine life.


Q: Who can go Scuba Diving? Do you need certification?

A: Yes, you do need to be certified to go Scuba diving in Myrtle Beach, but Coastal Scuba does offer certification programs.


Q: Can you tell me a little more about your classes and certification program?

A: The “Discover Scuba” course is the first step. You begin by watching an instructional video and receiving tips from the instructor. After that you actually get in the pool and become familiar with what you just learned.  Discover Scuba is $40.  If you choose to continue after the pool session, the next day you can take the ocean session for $125.


Q: So this is something people can do while on vacation?

A: Definitely! Most people do this in a weekend. They take their Discover Scuba pool session and are out in the ocean the next day or two.  


Coastal Scuba typically has a schedule for the dive sites they are visiting on a given day. Jordan told me that people usually go the next day after their pool session to the next scheduled site. People do have the option to hold off for a few days if there is an upcoming site they would rather see. 

If you’re a local and are looking for Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving lessons, you’re in luck! Coastal Scuba offers a variety of certifications for everyone from hobbyists to those who are serious about diving. They also offer equipment rentals for certified divers with everything from wetsuits to tanks and regulators.

Divers who are already have their C-card certification can join Coastal Scuba on any of their scheduled dives. Prices for each dive and dive schedules are listed on their website. If you’re a certified diver, put another pin in that diving map and check out these historic shipwrecks off the South Carolina coast.

So whether you’re an experienced diver or just want to learn the ropes, there are plenty of options out there for you. Thank you to Jordan from Coastal Scuba for enlightening me on all these awesome Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving opportunities.