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Myrtle Beach Facebook: Fans’ favorite Myrtle Beach area piers
The Cherry Grove Fishing Pier is a fan favorite for Myrtle Beach visitors.

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Myrtle Beach Facebook: Fans’ favorite Myrtle Beach area piers

Piers and Mini-Golf in Myrtle Beach were the hot topics on our Facebook fan page for the week. Fans were quick with great responses to tell us the best places for miniature golf and their favorite pier along the Grand Strand. We had some fantastic photos of Myrtle Beach and fans’ favorite landmarks in the area that we can’t wait for you to see!

Everyone had definite opinions on their favorite Myrtle Beach pier. Garden City pier had the most shout-outs followed closely by the double decker pier at Cherry Grove. Pier 14, 2nd Avenue Pier, Springmaid, Myrtle Beach State Park and Apache weren’t too far behind either! Each pier has something different to offer its fans. “2nd Avenue Pier is my favorite because when the tide goes out you can find beautiful sea life and shell goodies there,” said Pristine Dianna Aericko. Fishing and sight-seeing are popular along the piers, while some offer restaurants and bars for some great fun! Tiffany Edmonds-Clapp summed it up best saying, “I love every pier…’cause it means I’m at the beach!” We absolutely loved hearing everyone’s memories and the special piers they remember.

With over 50 mini-golf courses to choose from, there were still some standouts on our fan page when we asked for favorites. Mt. Atlanticus at 7th Avenue North in Myrtle Beach was the fan favorite of the poll. Mary Owens was quick to say, “ATLANTICUS without a doubt.” Many families mentioned that they love the fire at Dragon’s Lair at Broadway at the Beach too. May Day, Spyglass, Cancun Lagoon, Jurassic Golf, Black Pearl and Jungle Lagoon were some other honorable mentions. No matter what course was mentioned, it was clear that mini-golf is fun for just about everyone during your Myrtle Beach vacation.

We ended the week with this question: If you could bring one famous person to Myrtle Beach with you, who would it be? Each fan had a fun wish that entertained us all. Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffett are obvious favorites, while some chose more interesting celebrities like rappers, religious figures and actors. Patricia Hollis had a fun fantasy and mentioned, “Jimmy Buffett and then we’d meet up with Hootie and the Blowfish for a jam session like crossroads.” We agree, Patricia- that would be a heck of a show and we love that Darius Rucker is a South Carolina NATIVE!

The first poll was posted on’s fan page and the favorite of everyone was the beach! The love and praise we get everyday is phenomenal and we couldn’t ask for more loyal fans! Help us reach 25,000 fans and suggest us to your friends. If you can’t get enough of us on Facebook, be sure to follow us on Twitter.